10 Best LEGO Star Wars Sets, Ranked

LEGO enthusiasts discovered an unexpected surprise when, in 1999, they opened the Shop At-Home catalogue to find that LEGO was just being launched. Star WarsFirst time in Line Now, Star WarsLEGO is so beloved that there has been a LEGO cottage market. Combining LEGO and Star Wars This has inspired many video games and cartoons, as well as a variety of merchandise.

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LEGO Star Wars It is loved by both children and adults. LEGO enthusiasts and adult alike love it. Star Wars fans alike. More than 400 sets were produced since the merging of these two well-known franchises. While not every set has been a winner, they are all truly masterpieces of art.

10 A Trade Federation MTT Seems Dangerous to Battle Droids

MTT begins at The Phantom Menace MTT almost looks like a toy. You can just wait for your battle droids to arrive in their neatly organized housing. LEGO created an MTT with its first MTT. Phantom Menace Line, 1999. But the redesign of 2007, made it possible to transform the vehicle into LEGO.

Set 7662 featured a knob which builders could turn to allow them to deploy 16 droid troops. The hatches can also be opened to expose weaponry, as well as small speeders. The 2007 MTT was a marvellous play piece, even by LEGO standards.

9 Rey’s Speeder Was Elegant And Affordable

September 2015: Product releases for September 2015. The Force Awakens Fans queued up outside of their Toys R Us stores in huge numbers to witness the event. ‘R Us to get a chance to purchase the most sought-after new products. Fans were critical of the high price of LEGO’Although they were very well-loved LEGO sets, these new sets are now available.

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Also, the most cost-effective set was one of the top in the wave. Rey’s Tatooine Speeder ($20) is a stunning recreation that uses many interesting building techniques in order to reproduce the bizarre shape of the vehicle.

8 The Razor Crest was a Mandalorian Fan’s Dream Come true

Following the premiere season, MandalorianLEGO enthusiasts waited anxiously to hear the news about the Razor Crest set. Even though it took a while, finally the set was announced.

Set 75292, The Razor CrestThis set will appeal to young Din Djarin enthusiasts and adult collectors. The set includes two Din’s captured bounties, IG-11 and Greef Karga frozen in carbonite. Grogu is the important. The Minifigure-scale Razor Crest was small so designers managed to include an escape pod and bunk. It’s the complete set Mandalorian Fans hoped for more.

7 Fans love the Republic Gunship

Amongst Star Wars LEGO enthusiasts will enjoy the 2013 Republic Gunship. It can hold over 12 clone troopers. The characters have a place to rest their heads in the side pods. The bright colours make the characters easily identifiable from faraway.

The ship’s most important feature is the harmonious combination of Technic and System parts that seamlessly create the Gunship’s unique shape. LEGO Set 75021 has the ideal balance between playability and displayability, making it one of our favorite LEGO sets. Star Wars sets.

6 The Star Destroyer was as terrifying as its movie counterpart.

When compared with the massive 1,367 pieces, it is quite small. Star WarsLEGO sets are now available. Set 6211 Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer, however, will be available in 2006.It was simply amazing. Star Destroyer had a textured surface with laser blasts made of lightsaber parts that gave it an action sense that other sets can’t quite capture.

A large number of Minifigures made the Star Destroyer of 2006 a memorable figure. These 9 characters included essentials like Darth Vader, Grand Mofftarkin and others.

5 The Mos Eisley Fan Cantina has Everything You Need

LEGO may have made several Mos Eisley sets but none are as good as set 75290. LEGO Star Wars Master Builder Series Mos Eisley Cantina. 2021 release. This set contained 3,187 pieces, and 21 Minifigures. These pieces were not available elsewhere. Although it cost $400, the investment was worthwhile.

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The Cantina recreates nearly every Mos Eisley scene. A New Hope. There’s Han Solo shooting first, Garindan sneaking around in the shadows, and Doctor Evazan with Ponda Baba—whose arm is technically removable.

4 They have a great playset called Their Village for those who can take the Ewoks.

Some Star WarsEwoks are loved by some while they hate others. At 10236, you will find the Ewok Village. The set was beautiful and was even recreated. The Return of the Jedi‘s Endor scenes flawlessly.

The village, built from brick, was instantly recognisable by its beautiful textures, rope bridges and ladders, as well as shaded foliage. Threepio was able to sit on a little throne on the set, as well as a fire pit to roast stormtroopers or Rebels, depending on which scene they wanted to recreate.

3 The Original LEGO X-Wing is a Classic for Good Reason

The first LEGO X-Wing was released as part of the very initial LEGO X-Wing Collection in 1999. Star Wars Wave may not be as detailed and realistic as many of today’Sets. At the time, however, the set was a dream come true—LEGO finally producing a ship that fans had been building with their spare bricks for decades.

Set 7140, X-Wing Fighter,You could find everything you needed: removable landing equipment and Sfoils as well as a ground crew. Even R2-D2 could even use the pit. Even Luke’s lightsaber was included in the ship. The X-Wing was built by LEGO.

2 Many Fans took days to construct the Millennium Falcon

The book was published in 2018 with a remarkable size 75192. This was a first. It consisted over 7,500 parts, which were divided into 40 bags. It was nearly as tall as a small table.

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It would have been absurd to build such a huge structure if the end result wasn’t amazing. This meticulously designed and lovingly recreated replica of the Millennium Falcon is called “The Millennium Falcon Set”. If they had the money and a safe place to store it, fans could make the Millennium Falcon set.

1 It is nearly impossible to tell the UCS Firespray Gunship from its real counterpart

Most LEGO UCS—Ultimate Collector Series—sets are impressive, but none can beat set 75060, Boba Fett’s Firespray Gunship, 2015. Incredible rendering of one of most unusual ships in the universe Star WarsUCS Firespray It was so beautiful that it could be placed next to a statue.

It’s difficult to create precise curves or slopes in LEGO. The Firespray engineers made this possible.It was easy. The vehicle’s rugged color and texture perfectly match the coloring. Collectors looking to showcase their incredible purchase will find an information card and a buildable stand.

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10 Best LEGO Star Wars Sets, Ranked

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