Beyblade: 10 facts only true fans know

It’s hard to believe that such a strong franchise about spinning tops can be produced. Beyblade is an anime based on a toyline of dueling tops, wherein players use their Beyblades to battle it out with each other. While it shares some elements with animes, it doesn’t push the limits of anime. toys and games, like Yu-Gi-Oh! or Bakugan, Beyblade stands out among others without needing flashy cards, just tops, an arena, and a surprisingly engaging anime.

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The anime has spawned multiple seasons, with plenty of action to go around and fans have definitely picked up on some details, that casual viewers and newcomers may not have caught on their first viewing. Here are 10 of them.


For those less familiar with the franchise, it might be a shock to find out that Beyblade is not just about watching tops bump into each other. Beyblades is home to spirits, which are also known as “Bit-Beasts”(or “Avatars”They often battle each other during the final seasons.

Bit-Beasts increase the stakes and intensity of the anime. The unique spirit of the characters that will meet it creates excitement.


Ray Kon also was part of Beyblade’s main cast. “The Bladebreakers”Driger is Bit-Beast’s white tiger Bit. His contributions to the team were significant and he was a key player. He developed an unhealthy habit during the anime and lost his first match.

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Ray wasn’t a good Blader. However, it is a strange and funny coincidence that Ray’s first bout ended in a loss in every season. Poor guy can’t catch the break.


In the first season of Beyblade, for whatever reason, the Bladebreakers consisted completely of guys. It wasn’t until V-Force that a girl would be added to the main cast, Hilary Tachibana, who would become the manager for the team.

Hilary was the first girl to join Bladebreakers. Although she didn’t have a Beyblade nor a Bit-Beast, she was able to see them on her very own. She also served as one of the more caring and responsible members of the team.


Through its many seasons and a constantly changing cast of characters, Beyblade has managed to keep a few traditions going. One of those traditions has been the main protagonist’s use an Attacker Type Beyblade. That is, until Aiger Akabane joined.

Aiger, the main character of Beyblade Burst Turbo, was the first to break this longstanding trendUse a Balance Type Bey to replace an Attacker in anime. If nothing else this helps Aiger to stand out amongst the crowd of Beyblade’s large collection of go-getting protagonists.


Max Tate, a bright and cheerful member of Bladebreakers was also a member. He was the only American in their team with his blonde hair. He is best known for his Bit Beast Draciel and easygoing personality, but he was also an important member of Bladebreakers.

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Max liked mustard over noodles. However, it was Japanese dub mayonnaise. With great pleasure, Max loved his noodles. Max also tried to teach this behavior to his friends, but with different degrees of success. While it is weird, it does reinforce that everyone’s tastes are different.


Captain Arrow was one of the villains in Beyblade: Shogun Steel, sporting a grey mask, spiky blue hair, and a strange sense of justice. Arrow shares a striking similarity with Tyson, even though he wasn’t in the original series. Captain Arrow’s character was partly based upon him.

An interesting little fun fact that ties Shogun Steel back to the previous seasons, though aside from his look he doesn’t seem to share anything else with Tyson. It’s more of an amusing fact considering how little Captain Arrow was in that season. “blink and you’ll miss it”Refer to the type of reference


The original Bit-Beasts that the Bladebreakers possessed consisted of a dragon called Dragoon, a phoenix named Dranzer, a tiger known as Driger, and a turtle called Draciel. Their ties to Chinese Mythology is what’s really amazing about them.

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Four symbols are found in Chinese conversations inspired the Bladebreakers Bit-Beasts. These symbols include azure and white dragons as well as red ones. They were thought to represent the protectors of the universe. Beyblade would go on to take inspiration from other constellations and mythology after this too.


This anime is similar to many others that are geared towards this demographic. kids in the US, Beyblade has got a lot of scenes that were cut when brought over to the west. While censorship has been a problem with localized animes for some time, certain scenes were cut.

These included many scenes that involved violence, Kai’s scare in a dungeon, a very suggestive moment from Tyson’s grandfather in the first-ever episode and one in which Tyson cross-dressed. Some of these admittedly were deleted in the English version for some pretty understandable reasons.


Alternate universes are a pretty popular and fun way to look at a series in a new light, and Beyblade is not absent from using this concept. The original Beyblade anime didn’t have a lot of it, but a manga called Beyblade Battle Saint Lolita turned that on its head.

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In Battle Saint Lolita, the story of Beyblade gets a retelling where all of the characters have female equivalents. This was intended for female fans of the franchise. Other differences were found in the manga, including that the Bit Beasts are able to talk with their Bladers. This manga was rather short too, only having two volumes, making it an obscure piece of media for Beyblade fans.


Those who grew up with the first three seasons of Beyblade back in the early 2000s might be surprised to hear that Beyblade made a stunning comeback in 2011 with Beyblade: Metal Fusion, which reinvigorated the franchise to the point that it’s still going today.

Although the new seasons are different than the original series, and don’t feature Bladebreakers in them, they are freed to create new stories and concepts that are not possible in the original. It appears that Beyblade hasn’t lost any appeal for kidsThe anime will continue to be popular as long as the spinning tops are around.

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