Ten Best Lego Tables for 2022

If you happen to’re a mum or dad or caregiver who has screamed a string of four-letter obscenities after stepping on a Lego (it’s a ceremony of passage, in spite of everything), you already know that having a devoted Lego cupboard space is nicely definitely worth the cash. Lego tables are not only a great way to organize your play area, but they also make it easier to build. Like an artist’s canvas, these tabletop constructing platforms set the stage for bold constructing ventures, whereas additionally giving youngsters a spot to show their ongoing tasks with delight.

There are many Lego table options available, with each offering a unique option, creative storage, and the ability to be reworked as your baby grows. We centered our choice on tables made for preschoolers and elementary-aged youngsters, since older youngsters who’ve graduated to 1,000-piece-plus Creator Skilled units usually tend to need to show their laborious work on a shelf. Continue reading to find the best Lego desk for your child, your home, and within your budget.

Best Lego Tables

Consider these Ideas

Dimensions and weight

The dimensions of the desk you select will rely on the house you might have—and need to sacrifice. It is, however, primarily furniture for entertainment purposes. Tables below range from 20 to 33 inches in area. Some tables sit low to the bottom and don’t require further house for chairs whereas others sit larger and require chairs (or include them). Remember, however, that any misplaced chairs can be made up by additional storage underneath the desk.

Depending on the mobility of your desk, weight is another consideration. A wooden desk (or an engineered one) is usually heavier and more durable than one made from plastic. A heavier desk shall be tougher for a child to maneuver round a room—which can or is probably not a very good factor. For easier transport and storage, some tables may have legs that can collapse.

You can play on the floor or in your own space.

Additionally think about the scale base plate you have to: A 15 x 15-inch plate for traditional Lego blocks is 48 x 48 studs, whereas Duplo, Lego’s toddler sibling with a bigger footprint, has half the quantity of studs on the identical measurement plate. Some tables invoice themselves as being suitable with each, however customers didn’t all the time have success attaching the different-sized blocks to those tables.

Some of our tables can be turned over, and the bottom plates could also be removed to reveal a clear floor that is ideal for drawing, playing with motion figures or other creative activities. Some tables can have their tops removed so that a sand/water desk is revealed, making them more suitable for outside use.


The Lego desk should have storage. This is practical for group tidying as well as the convenience of parents. Some tables have shelves, so you can store your Legos yourself), while others are equipped with drawers. Some tables don’t have any storage in any respect.

Storage is something I have always wanted to store Legos. Things should fit into containers, so there is a clean look. Drawers can quickly get messy. However youngsters aren’t identified for his or her group expertise, so even the peerlessly boxed and shelved Lego bins could not stay organized for lengthy.

How we evaluated

As a mum or dad of two youngsters below the age of 4, I’m all about toy group. It is difficult to keep a playroom clean and organized. When evaluating these Lego tables, I took into consideration fashions that do double responsibility of play and storage, how versatile the tables are for different kinds of play, the supplies they’re fabricated from, and, in fact, worth. My family is still surrounded by Duplo Legos. I reached out for help from other caregivers and mother/father figures to find their best strategies. To search for the ideal Lego table, I also looked at online reviews of top-selling products on Amazon and Walmart.

Our picks are great for giving Lego lovers extra special gifts. biggest Lego setsAnd the The best Lego sets of Lord of the Rings.

Ten Best Lego Tables for 2022

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