14 Top Free Online Anime Sites [2022 LIST]

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Here are 14 best anime websites that allow you to stream anime in its original uncensored form. You will learn how to stream anime high quality online for both paid and free.

14 Top Free Anime Websites

  1. Hulu – Best Free Anime Website Overall

  2. Amazon Anime – Best Free Anime Website for Amazon Users

  3. Crunchyroll – Best Free Anime Website for Rapid Episode Release

  4. FunimatIon – Best Free The Art of Anime Website for Dragon Ball Z Fans

  5. 9anime.to – Best Free Anime Website Overall

  6. Netflix – Best Free Anime Website for Netflix Original Animes

  7. Gogoanime.io – Best Free Anime Website for User Experience

  8. AnimeFreak – Best Free Anime Website for Extensive Library

  9. ChiaAnime – Best Free Anime Website for HD Streaming

  10. AnimeDao – Best Free Anime Website with an Online Fan Community

  11. Tubi TV – Best Free Anime Website for Ease of Use

  12. Soul Anime – Best Free Anime Website Without Ads

  13. Anime Planet – Best Free Anime Website for Online Forums

  14. AnimeLab – Best Free Anime Website for New Zealand & Australia

1. Hulu – Best Free Anime Website Overall


Hulu, launched in the United States in 2007, is one of the world’s most well-known on-demand video services. This service allows unlimited streaming of anime.

It offers premium anime streaming services with one of their largest online streaming libraries. Some of the most popular anime titles might also be available on Hulu. Hulu makes it possible to view anime from your iPhone, iPad or laptop.

It owns the rights to some of the best works produced by Japan’s most prestigious animation houses. According to recent speculations, there may be many more anime titles by the end of this year.

These are the features


Hulu memberships give you access to the top anime episodes and other high-rated film and television programming. Price-wise, it’s quite affordable, and you can stream high-definition films quickly It is flawless. It is our number one choice for the best anime sites.

Site: Hulu

Monthly Visitors: 216.1 Million

PricingGet 1 Month Free of Charge, 5.99/Mo

RegionJapan and USA

Ad Annoyance: 3 (Hulu Plan); 0 (Hulu No Ads Plan)

VPN Friendly: No. Split tunneling may be possible

>> Stream anime on Hulu

2. Amazon Anime – Best Free Anime Website for Amazon Users

amazon prime video

Amazon stocks almost every item you might need. Amazon should have anime, it stands to reason. There are many other things to consider. Prime VideoAmazon’s streaming service is a great resource for streaming anime, including old and current titles.

Manga and anime in high-definition are now readily available in High Definition, such as Grand Blue, Pokemon and Made in Abyss.

English subtitles, English voiceovers available for all programs Every anime is available to watch. You will find important information regarding each anime in the description. You can view cast information on the X-Ray function while watching a show online. Amazon Prime is one of the most popular anime websites online.

You can resume streams from where you stopped them. Each film and program can be rated after every viewing.

These are the features

  • You can order anime items from this website.

  • Amazon Prime Video – One month Free

  • Many titles cover anime of all kinds.

  • The titles can be found in both the dubbed and subbed formats.


Amazon is a good place to start if you’re looking for good anime episodes and movies. You can buy actual discs and view videos online from this site. Although the content isn’t very extensive, it offers some of the most popular programs in the world.

Region: All major regions of the country

PricingThe Prime Subscription costs $139/year.

>> Watch anime online at Amazon

3. Crunchyroll – Best Free Anime Website for Rapid Episode Release

Crunchyroll logo

OtakusMany anime streaming sites are available outside Japan. Crunchyroll, a streaming service for anime and manga in the United States was established in 2006.

Crunchyroll is an anime website that was one of the first to enter the market. When they think about Japanese culture, people in the West instantly think manga and anime.

These sections include section on recent Anime episodes and upcoming episodes as well as Crunchyroll News and simulcasts. Crunchyroll’s ad-free functionality and rapid episode release (an hour after the episode airs in Japan) are the site’s two greatest qualities for paying subscribers.

For 14 days, you can view full movies and stream them on up to 4 devices. You also have the option of trying out offline viewing. For a monthly subscription, digital manga can be purchased.

These are just a few of the many reasons we love our home. Crunchyroll was included in TROYPOINT’s acclaimed compilation of the best Firestick applications.

Many well-known manga and anime titles can be streamed from it. You can find anime and manga here. There is also a store where you will find exciting merchandise, as well information regarding your favorite anime properties.

These are the features

  • Exclusive rights to many of the most beloved anime titles

  • A merchandise shop that sells exclusive anime products

  • You can find premium anime and manga on the platform.

  • Blog dedicated to anime-related content


Crunchyroll is the most popular site for watching anime online. It is very popular among hardcore anime lovers due to its ease of use, low price and many features.

Site: Crunchyroll

Monthly Visitors58.8 million

Pricing7.99/$9.99 for 14 days

Ad Annoyance: 2

RegionYou can find more than 180 countries

VPN FriendlyYou can split tunnel VPN, however.

>> Stream anime on Hulu

4. Funimation – Best Free Anime Website for Dragon Ball Z Fans

Funimation logo

Funimation features new episodes of some of today’s most popular anime series, all of which were produced by Aniplex of Japan and Sony Pictures.

There are three types of shows: Shounen, romance and Slice of Life. Access the website for anime from 46 countries or 15 devices.. For these purposes, VPNs can be used.

If there’s another anime website that has done more than Crunchyroll to introduce anime to a larger audience, it’s Funimation. Funimation was the one responsible for promoting popular Japanese animations before streaming. Beyblade is available.The United States.

The site’s current library includes over Exclusive programming for 13,000 hours. The interface is fun and will get you to the right place. To make it easier for viewers to locate the anime they’re interested in, all titles have been arranged into clear categories.

You can stream at very high speeds with no buffering. You can enjoy the most recent Japanese animations. If you live in Australia, the United States or Canada, Funimation can be recommended as a legal site for anime.

In 1994, it was established in America. The popularity of Dragon Ball anime helped it grow quickly.

These are the features

  • Original content with high resolution

  • Original content at high resolution

  • Everything anime related, all in one place


Funimation is the top anime streaming website for West-based anime lovers. You can stream with great quality and affordable prices. You will be able to stream unique anime titles.

Site: Funimation

Monthly Visitors: 10.8 Mio

Pricing: $5.99 (monthly), $7.99 (a month), $99.99 (annually)

Ad Annoyance: 0

Region: New Zealand.

VPN Friendly: No. Split tunneling is possible

5. 9Anime.to – Best Free Anime Website Overall


9Anime’s modern and visually appealing design is the first thing that users will notice. This clearly establishes the site’s claim to being a free anime website.

The site’s thorough navigation complements the streamlined layout. These filters will help you find the anime that interests you. For your ease, the titles are alphabetically arranged. 9Anime offers high-quality anime websites that are completely free.

In a matter of minutes after they’re released officially, new releases of your favorite programs will be available on 9ANIME.

The anime website has the most recent episode available as soon as it’s broadcast in Japan. Each episode can be viewed in either an English sub (subbed) or English dubbed version. Both versions are available in 1080p resolution.

It is a common resource that many have attempted to duplicate the success. Unfortunately, the site’s poor loading speed was our only major complaint.

These are the features


The only real drawback to this free anime website is the lengthy loading times, but other than that, it’s quite great. 9Anime is without doubt one of the top anime websites. You can navigate easily and get the latest episodes.

Site: 9anime.to

Monthly Visitors13.5 Million

PricingNo cost

Ad Annoyance: 6

Region: All the major areas of the world

VPN Friendly: Yes. It works well with IPVanish

Mirrors: 9anime-at, 9anime.one, 9anime-tv.com

6. Netflix — Best Free Anime Website for Netflix Original Animes


Netflix is an important player in streaming. US-based since its inception in 1997, Netflix is now one of the world’s most well-known and widely-used video-sharing websites.

You can stream anime from many studios, and it is available in almost 200 countries.Exclusive to this website are Kaguya Sama (and Death Note). You can find both the dubbed and subtitled version of the latest anime releases at the best quality.

With the help of the huge streaming video service, you can view all the Studio Ghibli movies in unlimited viewing. This excludes Japan and Canada. Netflix distributes anime series.

Netflix has a tremendous collection of Anime that is well organized into genres, including fantasy, comedy, drama, action, teen TV, crime, sci-fi, adventure, and the finest of what Japan’s top studios offer.

There are other licensed titles than Little Witch Academia and Castlevania. Netflix offers original anime such as Japan Sinks 2020.

These are the features

  • Simple, elegant user interface

  • It is possible to watch films in English, subtitles, and the original language.

  • Many subscription options are available


Netflix is currently the most popular premium website. Subscribing now is free, so there’s no reason not to enjoy the joy of viewing anime on this widespread service right away.

Site: Netflix

Monthly Visitors: 2.6 Billion

Pricing: One month free, $7.99-$9.99 per month

Ad Annoyance: 0

Region: Available worldwide

VPN Friendly: No. Split tunneling is possible

7. Gogoanime.so – Best Free Anime Website for User Experience

Gogo Anime logo

GOGO ANIME is a site that offers a cost-free anime-watching option for those who are financially strapped. This platform is attractive and simple to navigate.

The streaming service lets anime viewers watch many types of anime including action, comedy and niche mecha & Shounen.

Many English-dubbed series will entertain you for hours. Subtitles can be streamed in Chinese. Viewing programs from third-party providers is completely free. You can view both old and new Anime properties.

The service gives you instant access to anime which has been just released. These titles can be sorted alphabetically by year, month, or popularity. Learn which Anime are most in-demand and why.

Gogoanime, although it’s free, does not batter its consumers with unwanted adware. The site takes too much time to load. It is possible to fix the problem by improving your internet speed.

These are the features


GOGO ANIME has a large selection of anime videos online and a user-friendly design. It’s free to use and caters to all kinds of anime fans.

Site: Gogoanime.so

Monthly Visitors: 23.1 MILLION


Ad Annoyance: 7

Region: Very close to global

VPN Friendly: Yes. It works well with IPVanish

Mirrors: gogoanime.app, gogoanime.pro, gogoanime.life

8. AnimeFreak – Best Free Anime Website for Extensive Library

Animefreak logo

AnimeFreak has a large selection of anime titles available for anyone who is interested. Without asking for money in return.

AnimeFreak has hundreds and hundreds of anime series you can watch for free. You can stream these anime series free on AnimeFreak.

The user interface is not perfect, but it’s still a great resource for finding high-quality anime movies online.

Watch the most recent episodes of anime, movies and OVAs online right now. You will also find hundreds of manga. After the chapters have been published in Japan, they are updated with new chapters. Pop-up advertising is the problem with AnimeFreak.

These are the features

  • Chat is available 24 hours a day

  • Internet group for animation

  • Video in high resolution (1080P).

  • There are many sources you can choose from

  • Find the latest movie or anime series


AnimeFreak.com is a site for anime lovers who just want to have access to free online anime. This is what makes this site so useful.

Site: AnimeFreak

Monthly Visitors: 6.6 million

PricingNo cost

Ad Annoyance: 10

RegionsAll the reasons listed above are valid.

VPN Friendly: Yes. Perfectly compatible with IPVanish

9. Chia-Anime – Best Free Anime Website for HD Streaming

Chia Anime logo

ChiaAnime hosts more anime sites than any other web site. You can read and view clean manga, as well as high-quality anime free of charge.You can also download anime soundtracks.

Chia-Anime has been a go-to for anime enthusiasts since 2009, and it’s easy to see why. HD streaming is available for popular shows like Bleach, Naruto, and One Piece.

A Chia-Anime program might air on your TV one hour after its Japan counterpart.It is possible to choose to view anime episodes which are random or the most popular.

You can index all anime programs as long as they are hosted on another website. This will often result in advertisements.

This interface is both beautiful and user-friendly. However, the free anime website’s loading speed is really slow. You can still find both the old and new anime on this website.

These are the features


ChiaAnime is suitable for people who love anime. You get more than visuals. It also has manga titles and soundtracks. Fans of anime will love this free site.

Site: Chia-Anime

Monthly Visitors: 3.8 Mio

PricingNo cost

Ad Annoyance: 8

Regions: Nearly all of the regions.

VPN Friendly: Yes. It works well with IPVanish

10. AnimeDao – Best Free Anime Website with an Online Fan Community

Anime Dao logo

You will have regular access to the most up-to-date anime materials. AnimeDao aims to create a lively online community for anime lovers.

This website loads pages quicker than many other anime sites. The titles have been neatly categorised to make it easy for you to locate your favorite anime title. For anime, sub-formats and English dub are both available.

You may get a suggestion from the website if you’re having trouble deciding what to watchUse the Random button. Pop-up advertising is a potential danger while you’re watching the episodes.

These are the features


Although it’s not perfect, AnimeDao allows people to watch anime online for free. It’s simple to use and may locate any title you want in the best quality you can imagine.

Sites: AnimeDao

Monthly Visitors: 990,000

PricingYou get an anime for free

Ad Annoyance: 7


VPN Friendly: Yes. Compatible with IPVanish

11. TubiTV – Best Free Anime Website for Ease of Use

Tubi logo

TubiTV is a simple streaming service offering a large selection of shows and movies, including anime.This is an ad-supported service, which provides streaming services for no charge.It works on any device and provides high-quality content at high resolution.

The platform doesn’t feature as many anime titles as other platforms. It does feature an impressive gallery with many Japanese animations.

Tubi TV is a great anime streaming site that’s free to useThis site has a variety of manga and anime, from old favourites like Yu Yu Hakusho and Akira to newer shows like Boruto, Fairy Tail, or Boruto.

You can keep up to date with your favourite shows by watching the most recent episodes in HD.

These are the features

  • Closed captions

  • There are over 40,000 titles

  • Simple user interface

  • Parent’s guide


TubiTV, a streaming platform for anime viewing online, makes it simple to access your favorite shows whenever and wherever you like. This is an excellent option for anime lovers.

Site: TubiTV

PricingThe Free Website for Japanese Anime

Monthly Visitors1.15.4 million

Ad Annoyance: 6

RegionAustralia and Canada, USA, Mexico

VPN Friendly: Not available. Split tunneling is possible

12. SoulAnime – Best Free Anime Website Without Ads

Soul Anime logo

Avoid being sidetracked by SoulAnime’s flashy user interface. It’s still an excellent site to stream anime online for free. This site replicates all the great aspects of other anime streaming services for no cost. This book is online and contains almost every title that you can imagine.

It’s a free anime website that doesn’t bother you with annoying adsThis site is well-designed and contains high quality content. It’s also very easy to use. You can filter your search by specific criteria, such as genre or the first letter in the title.

These are the features


SoulAnime can seem somewhat boring to some viewers. On the other hand, it’s still a great site to check out anime episodes whenever you want to watch them for free online. It’s easy to use and has many classic and modern Anime to check out.

Site: SoulAnime


PricingNo cost

13. AnimePlanet – Best Free Anime Website for Online Forums

Anime Planet logo

Finally, there is a website that providesYou have free access to over 49,000 moviesPremium services, such as Crunchyroll or Hulu are also available. You can navigate through a huge collection of anime and manga while the site is simple and user-friendly.

These benefits are not only obvious but also provide many other advantages. it’s a wonderful place to meet and interact with other dedicated anime lovers. To enhance your experience, you can use various discussion boards and character rating systems.

These are the features


AnimePlanet is widely regarded as the most popular website dedicated to anime. This website is amazing and has a lot more interactivity. It is intuitive and smart. It’s also not going to cost you a dime.

Site: AnimePlanet

PricingNo cost

Region: Available worldwide

14. AnimeLab – Best Free Anime Website for New Zealand & Australia

Anime lab.jpg

From 2021 Funimation has merged with AnimeLab. This website was specifically created for anime lovers in Australia and New Zealand. The portal allows anime lovers unlimited access to all episodes of any Anime. There are many shows available on this site including Demon Slayer, My Hero Academia and others.

AnimeLab Get access to the greatest anime made. Fans of all ages will find something to their liking in this massive library’s selection of titles spanning everything from action to the occult.

You can stay on top of the newest episodes with the site’s simulcasts of Japanese broadcasts, replete with air times and other information.

There are three sections for the show: Subtitled, Dubbed and Newest. AnimeLab can only be accessed by subscribers who are from Australia or New Zealand. Secure VPNs may allow you to bypass these restrictions.

This device can be used on many high-resolution displays. As a bonus, it’s a breeze to use and doesn’t strain the eyes.

These are the features


New Zealand and Australia anime enthusiasts may benefit from AnimeLab’s low prices and user-friendly interface. It’s definitely worth signing up for.


Monthly Visitors: 3.6 Million

PricingPrices starting at $7.99

Ad Annoyance: 5

VPN friendly: Unavailable. Split tunneling is possible

RegionAustralia and New Zealand

Top Anime Sites Free of Charge: What’s an Anime anyway?

Japan also calls animation anime.The term is usually used in the following ways: “anime”All types of Japanese animated works.

Japanese animation has a distinct advantage over Western animation. We place more emphasis on active and hyperactive characters as well as darker, violent and mature stories. Cartoons aren’t comparable to it.

The anime genre is very popular and often has characters that have unique stories or personalities. In fact, Animation is more popular among adults than children’s animation. Its popularity is evident in many blockbuster Hollywood films, such as Pacific Rim and The Matrix.

Most anime movies are inspired by manga and light novels. This animation often deals with difficult subjects like The intersection of sexuality and death. Many people love this animation, despite the fact that it contains mature themes.

It is customary for naysayers to write off anime’s widespread appeal as just overzealous fanboying over violent cartoons. However, this is false.

Animation has been gaining in popularity recently. The main theme is bright colors, unique characters, and engaging stories. There are many anime videos because anime is so popular with more than 2 billion people worldwide.

Television used to be the only source of movies and programmes in the past.

Now, For anime lovers, there are many streaming platforms and devices.It is possible to view TV, movies, and other content. You have many options to watch your favourite movies and shows. These are just a few services that provide a broad range of content. Hulu Amazon Anime.

The Best Anime Sites Free of Charge: What Makes Anime So Popular?

Let’s look at some of the reasons for its popularity:

Diverse Variety of Stories

Its variety in stories and genres is one of the reasons anime is so loved. Everybody has their favorite story, anime genre or style. Any anime can be chosen. You can choose from a variety of storylines, such as mystery, humor and horror.

Many stories can be told through anime. Artists have the freedom to tell new stories with their imaginations. You have many options to create new stories. Every anime show might not appeal to everyone. Some tales can be enjoyed by all ages, making them great gifts for family and friends.

Anime on Streaming Sites

One of the most well-known streaming websites is Hulu Amazon Anime. Streaming platforms make it easy to stream anime and movies. The streaming platform attracted huge audiences, particularly those in countries where prohibited materials might not be available. To access the anime sites, VPNs can be used.

Solid Visuals

Many viewers find Anime’s frequent To make fighting exciting, focus on the combat.. Artists with talent spend much of their time making anime. High-quality media content is what makes anime a favorite choice.

Looking at the artwork, you’ll notice that the Drawing characters with more detail is a hallmark of the artist. You can see the changes in their faces as they speak differently. To create the illusion that it is real, the background blurs light with shadow.

Similar Characters and Real Topics

Even though it’s a collection of animated movies, Sometimes, anime shows events that really took place.. It doesn’t always discuss positive things like joy and laughter. Animation can also portray themes like despair or depression.

It is a different cartoon than the American classics.. Animation programs can be more complex, but they are still fun and charming. They touch on issues such as mental illness and PTSD, the struggle to live, and the inability to identify one’s purpose in life.

It’s not just for kids that anime is watched. It’s accessible to anyone. The show has something for all ages, from teens to adults. Animation’s main appeal is its interwoven plot and message. You will have to analyze the anime in detail to find the message.

An extensive and rich history

The history of anime is long. Japan was the home of the original animated film. It premiered it in 1917.The anime boom of the 1970s led to numerous styles.

The 1970s were a source of inspiration for many writers. This is not the only way anime became the industry’s giant.

Visit Japan and immerse yourself in the country’s rich culture to learn more.

The best anime sites for free

If you’re an anime enthusiast, you’re living in a golden age. Animation is now more easily accessible than ever before in human history.We are now living in a censorship-free television age. Any anime can be viewed in privacy by anyone.

If you want to watch anime online and don’t mind paying a little monthly charge, we suggest anime websites like HuluOr Amazon AnimeThey both have large collections of anime episodes from both past and present.

If you’re trying to watch anime but are on a tight budget, don’t worry; free anime websites like Gogoanime and 9Anime provide high-quality shows at no cost.

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14 Top Free Online Anime Sites [2022 LIST]

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