20 Top Lego Sets for Kids and Adults 2020

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Puzzles and needlepoint sets and inflatable pools aren’t the only productive distractions we’ve noticed flying off shelves over the past few months. Lego sets — from the smaller kinds for kids to the far more intricate (and expensive) ones for adult builders — have also become harder to find. Colorful blocks still remain a popular toy among young children. Each step can be followed for hours, creating your very own Lego-world. Our older Lego enthusiasts told us that Legos are very popular among adults. “They have been a lovely way to just sit, focus, and chat, away from screens and other distractions,” says Canadian government analyst Stephen J. MacDonald.

MacDonald is one of 13 Lego fans — who range in age from 5 years old to 50-plus — that we talked to (some, via their parents) about their favorite sets. While all of our Lego fans’ 20 favorite sets would generally be appropriate for builders of any age beyond toddlerhood, we’ve separated them based on whether they come recommended for kids or adults because, according to Anna Golson, the editor of Lego blog TheBrickBlogger, “while kids and adults may be interested in the same Lego sets and themes, their way of enjoying the hobby is usually different.”She explained that Legos are a favorite toy of children and not for adults. “more focused on the challenging building techniques, the accuracy of the models compared to their real-life counterparts, and their display value.” (We’ve noted Lego’s suggested age range for each set next to its name, too, for anyone who wants to heed those suggestions.)

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The Best 20 Lego Sets for Kids and Adults in 2020

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