21 of the Best PC Ninja Games of All Time

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Let’s hear it: Who was a ninja in their youth? Jumping around your living room, bouncing on the furniture like a poor man’s version of Chris Farley in Beverly Hills Ninja. Of course, we did, but the closest we could ever get to that ninja dream was by settling with video games, which wasn’t all bad. Many great video games were built around the concept of stealthy, skilled ninjas. We were certainly spoiled for choice. And because of that plethora of riches, it would be seemingly difficult to narrow the huge number of games into, let’s say, a list of 21 PC ninja games, wouldn’t it? It’s here. These are the 21 greatest PC Ninja games.

#21 Warframe

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S

The first game on this list of the best PC ninja games is the free-to-play action role-playing, third-person multiplayer game – now, that was a mouthful. The In Warframe, Players play the Tenno warrior race, which has been awakened after centuries of suspend animation. You will be set in an illegible dystopian future. Warframe When it launched, in 2013, the game was not successful at gaining momentum. It has since gained an impressive following. You can play it for free, but there are many restrictions that eventually hamper your final product.

#20 Onimusha Warlords

Microsoft Windows and Xbox 360 platforms, Xbox 2 and Xbox 360, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows 2.

When we mention this game, we mean the 2019 remastered version, the one that wasn’t received all too well. Critics were not too keen on how dated it looked (basically the same as the 2001 version) and the game’s overall design, and some poorly aged presentation too. It’s not all bad though because the action still stands the test of time – just about, anyway. This is the Onimusha Series was an enjoyable collection of hack-and-slash games that featured great stories and were set in beautiful settings. But to remaster this game – almost to a tee – seems like an extremely odd decision. A reboot might be possible.

#19 Shadow Warrior Series

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, MS-DOS Mac OS, iOS OS, OS X Linux, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

It Shadow Warrior Series The site was established in 1997. There have been numerous expansions and reboots since then with different degrees of success. Lo Wang, a modern-day ninja-fighter, is the protagonist of this first-person shooter game. He fights through demons and hordes. The problem the games have is that they struggle from being rather short in their story, and largely consist of an unremarkable execution – especially the more recent titles in the series. These games are very boring and should be more engaging and exciting.

#18 Naruto–Boruto Shinobi Striker

Microsoft Windows 4 Platforms, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows 4

It Naruto franchise is one of the most popular manga and amines of all time, the games, however, aren’t as good. Naruto-Boruto Shinobi Striker The 2018 release has been a turbulent one. It had a terrible launch reception before gathering some momentum in the months that followed – settling in slightly. And just as things were going fairly smoothly, the game was ruined once again, this time by far too many additions that were not received with open arms – and after taking so long to win the fanbase over as well. Why are developers continuing to complicate matters?

#17 Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja STORM 4

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One

It is slightly more. Naruto Naruto Umaki (young Ninja) is followed by SasukeUchiha (“terrorist group Akatsuki”) as they wage war against each other. In 2016, Bandai Namco released this fighting game. The game received mixed reactions. The designs and narrative were both very interesting, as you’d expect. The game is very easy to get lost in. This game is simple and too brief. This makes it difficult to enjoy because there isn’t much else to talk about. At least it’s better than Shinobi Striker though.

#16 Mini Ninjas

Microsoft Windows platforms. Xbox 360, Wii. Xbox 360. Nintendo DS. Mac OS X.

The action-adventure PC Ninja-Game features six mini Ninja characters. Every one of the characters has their unique skills, weaponry and abilities that can be used to your advantage. This game is great! It’s a great game! The story is engaging and the graphics are stunning. There are also many other activities to keep everyone entertained. For some reason though, the PC version just didn’t feel right, nothing gelled which made for a fairly uninspiring end product. The Nintendo Wii version of this game is far superior to any other.

#15 Shadow Tactics Battles of Shogun

Platforms: Microsoft Windows (macOS), Linux. Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

This stealth-oriented title uses real-time techniques and is ranked fifteenth in this ranking. You may find this game similar. CommAndos Desperados, Another title with hours of entertainment. This game takes place in feudal Japan. The player controls a small team of characters and performs many acts, including sabotage or espionage. The expansion was not part of the original game. Aiko’s ChoiceThe game does not contain five additional missions. It feels exactly the same. Cameras are also acquired tastes.

#14 Aragami Series

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, Linux and OS X. PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. Nintendo Switch.

It Aragami Series is an action-adventure stealth video game. The protagonist, Aragami will now be controlled by the players. The protagonist is a supernatural assassin. To move between shadows freely, players will have to practice their Teleporting skills. This army is known as the ‘Kaiho’These mystical warriors have the ability to control light. For this skilled assassin, they will not stop. It’s a stealth game that looks amazing. Although the game is simple to comprehend, the complexity of the damage control system can prove frustrating.

#13 Ghostrunner

Platforms: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Amazon Luna, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S

Jack the Ghostrunner plays the lead role in the PC Ninja Game. Jack the Ghostrunner must navigate dangerous areas using grappling, jumping, wall running, and dashing. In this game, you will meet many enemies. As the enemy or player may be killed instantly, it is important that you use every skill possible. Jack has many abilities that give him the advantage, but you will die a lot, that’s just a given. The sword fighting game mixes sci-fi and stealth elements. It’s a game where you can get very creative with your maneuvers even though it’s quite difficult.

#12 Strider

Microsoft Windows 3 Platforms, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

It is the year 2014’s reboot that we are referring to. Strider, This videogame was significantly improved over its predecessor in 1989. It is one of the best-looking PC ninja games. This game retains the 2D style that most people know, but improves on it. It is well-organized and provides a great adventure. They take over Strider Hiryu as their character and are required to explore the surrounding environment for weapons and other items. The most valuable weapon is his Cypher. This plasma weapon can be combined with any other weapon. Although not polished, the game has many positive aspects.

Microsoft Windows 3 and Xbox 360 platforms, as well as Microsoft Windows 3

The game can be spun off from the Metal Gear series, and it is set four years following the events in Metal Gear Solid 4 – Guns of the Patriots The cyborg Raiden is the protagonist of this game. He faces Desperado Enforcement, a private military company. The combat in this game focuses on the use of the character’s sword and some other weapons, with the need for combos and counterattacks becoming a necessity. The gameplay is much more hack-and-slash and this installment looks quite different to the previous games. Although the genre change was not well-received, it has become an enjoyable and popular game.

#10 Ninja Gaiden Master Collection

Some people believe that you can’t have it all. Ninja Gaiden there wouldn’t be any ‘Soulsborne’ games – believe that whichever way you want. You can fight in the Ninja Gaiden games is a lot faster and way more reactive – that’s not to say they are better, just a common opinion from many. It is a great collection. Although there are some bugs in the gameplay, they are great. This collection will appeal to videogame enthusiasts who love the idea of being a videogame ninja. Ninja Gaiden Master CollectionIt is essential to watch the series.

#9 Series Nioh

Microsoft Windows 4 and Microsoft Windows 4 platforms. Microsoft Windows 5 platform.

It Nioh The series game is hugely popular and was first launched in 2017. It is still very popular. William Adams plays the role of an Irish sailor. He is named after the Englishman who was the first Western samurai. Amazing combat, magical setting, great mood, wonderful use of Japanese folklore. Even though the setting was praised, the story wasn’t, and along with the inventory management system, these were the two things that people remembered about the series which let it down slightly. There is room to improve, which is a good thing.

#8 Skulls of the Shogun

PC ninja games

Platforms:  Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, iOS, Android, Linux, OS X, Ouya, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch

The next PC ninja game is turn-based tactical gaming. Shogun Skulls This game features undead samurai – you thought they were dangerous when living, check them out when they are dead – who have taken it upon themselves to enter the afterlife through force and seek revenge in the process. It can be fun and simple to learn but it is difficult to master because of its difficulty in gameplay. However, the biggest gripe this game has is that when you’re on the battlefield, it is incredibly hard to distinguish between the different units.

#7 Sifu

PC ninja games

Microsoft Windows 4 and Microsoft Windows 4 platforms. Microsoft Windows 5 platform.

This really is one heck of a unique game, one that didn’t get as much attention upon its release because of a certain FromSoftware game appearing at the same time. The player controls the son or daughter of a master martial art school (sifu), and they seek revenge on that old chestnut. Every time you are killed by a Talisman, your health and abilities increase and you can be resurrected. It’s a fun ninja game that is tons of fun and requires a lot skill. “beat ’em up”You’re aware.

#6 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge

Platforms: Microsoft Windows and Linux; Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows.

What is there to say about this side-scrolling action brawler that hasn’t been said already? Players take control of the four turtle brothers – all of whom are voiced by the original voice actors from the 1987 series – and can also play as April, Master Splinter, and Casey Jones while combatting the usual villains like Shredder and Krang. The arcade game was an instant hit and it has received praise for the faithful recreation and great look and feel. It’s just a shame the story is so short, and the game consists of a few audio issues too.

#5 The Messenger

PC ninja games

Platforms: Microsoft Windows and Nintendo Switch.

It is the second in a series of side-scrolling PC Ninjas. The Messenger 2018 The idea is reportedly influenced by Ninja Gaiden Series, and the players assume control of the well-known ninjas “The Messenger”The scroll is delivered by him across large areas of land. It was quite a surprise title at the time. The retro feel of this title has made it one of the most loved retro-inspired titles. You will be amazed at the music, visuals and humor. The challenge of the game makes it unique among similar games.

#4 Lego NINJAGO Movie Video Game

PC ninja games

Platforms: Microsoft Windows and Nintendo Switch.

It Lego games are always great fun and have been massively loved – they’ve also covered most things you could ever think of too. This game is inspired by It Lego Movie You can choose it as your inspiration. As you can expect, this game is funny, quirky, great fun, and doesn’t really get old, coming with a whole host of things to do and achieve. The game isn’t much of an improvement to the previous games in terms of visuals, but does it need to be? I mean, it’s a Lego They’re as adept at the game as any human can.

#3 Mark of the Ninja Revamped

PC ninja games

Microsoft Windows and Xbox 360. Linux and OS X. Nintendo Switch. Xbox One. PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows.

There isn’t much that separates the top three in this list of PC ninja games, but someone had to make the tough call at the end – which is always me. Mark of the Ninja Remastered This is the story of an anonymous, modern-day ninja. The story features an interesting conflict between old and new ninja technologies. Another great choice is side-scrolling stealth gaming. Although the game has an unsettling feel to it and a dark side, it’s actually very simple and easy to learn. It is also far more entertaining than boring platform games. This is one of the best 2D ninja platform games out there, it’s just a shame that the number two on this list is one as well.

#2 Katana Zero

PC ninja games

Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Nintendo Switch are the platforms.

This 2D platform game is better than the hack-and-slash, although it’s still debateable Katana Zero. Subject Zero is the character in the game. He goes into battle using his trusty Katana. You must be careful with the little assassin’s ability to predict the future and slow down time. The 2019 game features a unique aesthetic and interesting mechanics. You are mistaken if you think it will be a typical platform game. The game requires great skill and is very challenging.

#1 Total War Shogun 2

PC ninja games

Microsoft Windows, macOS platforms.

And here we have it, the number one in this list of PC ninja games, and it’s one of great magnitude too. Everyone knows all about it. Total War The series is as consistent as any other series dating back to 2000 in execution. Total War Shogun 2 It’s also amazing that the 16-year old was able to set it up.ThAs we know, Century Japan is an interesting period. Although it requires hours of dedication, the results are worth it. As you create an empire worthy of any historic leader.

21 of the Best PC Ninja Games of All Time

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