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IN PARTNERSHIP: Engaging your child’s creative side is an incredibly important part of the nurturing and growing process, however, it doesn’t have to take an entire day of your time.

Sparking the imagination of little ones’, LEGO® DUPLO® Bricks are the ideal play pieces to stimulate your child’s mind creatively, whilst also having fun.

It can sometimes be messy and chaotic when playtime is happening. To unlock their potential, it is crucial to teach your child how to be a good parent. They will be able to enhance their social-emotional skills and their physical abilities as well as creative and cognitive skills. Play is a way to encourage your child to thrive.

These large bricks are in LEGO DUPLOSets help prepare students for their future.

Enjoy creative conversations with your child and laugh together 

Creative conversations are a great way for children to develop an imaginative mind. It doesn’t take much to spark creative conversations, such as playing word association games in your car or writing a simple story before you go to bed. Prompts like “Where would you go if you were a bird?” can allow your child’s imagination to run wild.

They should lead 

Your children should be able to make their own decisions once in a while. Start by taking your child for half an hour to the park and then letting them lead the walk at their pace. It is also possible to tell your child that once you get there, they will make a plan. Encourage them to talk about the many amazing things they can do.

Asking questions encourages positive conversations

You can both establish a bedtime routine. You can talk about the positive points and the negatives of your day. It will allow you to talk about the good points of your day with your child. If you don’t always have a lot of time, this is a quick way to engage your child’s creative mind.

Give them the freedom to have fun.

For children’s development, it is vital to allow them to have fun in an unstructured environment. You could instead of telling your child how to build, let them have fun with bricks. You can ask them questions, and they will be more specific.

It’s okay to make creative mistakes 

Experimentation is a way for children to learn creative thinking. While some children’s creations seem bizarre, it could be a way for them to learn something. You can see how the brush works on the paper. Playtime can be about having fun, while teaching children.

Don’t worry about the mess 

Yes, messiness can be good sometimes, plastic sheets and lots of space can allow your child to be free and get messy to their heart’s content. You will make your child feel comfortable enough to explore any idea, and you’ll help them build their confidence. And If you’re lucky, you might be able to convince them that tidying up is a fun game too.

LEGO DUPLOBricks are double the size of regular LEGO bricks. This makes it easier for small hands and curious minds to use them. These bricks also measure twice as high, wider, and longer than regular LEGO bricks. They are easier to handle for builders younger than 5 years.

As your child grows, they can move onto traditional LEGO bricks, but don’t worry the LEGO DUPLOBricks can be used in a variety of ways.

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6 ways to spark creativity in your little one’s everyday life – Emirates Woman

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