The iconic F.R.I.E.N.D.S Apartments are recreated in a 2,048-piece Lego set

This new LEGO F.R.I.E.N.D.S Apartments set has a stunning look. The 2,048-piece set includes Monica and Rachel, as well as Chandler and Joey’s apartments and the adjacent hallway. There are many other amazing props that we cannot list.

There are mini figurines from the gang: Rachel in her plaid skirt, Pheobe wearing florals, Ross’ leather trousers and a Janice in a Janice outfit…Oh. My. God.

Other memorable accessories include the chick and duck, the poking device and Pheobe’s creepy art piece. Monica received the Thanksgiving Turkey as well.

The apartments can be played in either the halls connected or individually. This set looks exactly like the original. It has studio lights to recreate the feeling of the original Studio. As the director.

    Anderson Ward Grubb, LEGO Set Designer, commented on the press release.”Following the success of the LEGO Ideas Central Perk set, we wanted to develop another tribute to this iconic TV show with a focus on the famous apartments. To capture the most iconic moments, we used production photographs of the set and watched a lot more episodes.

    “One fun challenge was figuring out how to represent some aspects that change over the course of the show that appear in some episodes and not in others. I am looking forward to seeing if the eagle-eyed fans will spot them.”

    It must have been a lot fun creating this design and the process looks equally fun! You don’t necessarily have to be a designer. Friends It will make you a huge fan to get your hands on this item. They are famous enough that casual viewers can enjoy the moments.

    Our minds are blown away by the images from the preview set, which will be released to members and the general public starting on 19/06/18.

    Okay, we promise that we won’t continue with the photos now! We might just add one!


    The Central Perk set can be ordered on Amazon right now if you don’t want to wait for the two weeks.


    LEGO Central Perk Friends 



    The LEGO® The Friends Apartments set is available exclusively for LEGO VIPLEGO Stores are open to members starting from 19 May from 1st June, 2021 priced at £134.99.

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The iconic F.R.I.E.N.D.S Apartments are recreated in a 2,048-piece Lego set

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