A Lego Avatar with glowing lights has been created

Finally, we have a Lego Avatar set based on the movie’s 2009 version. This is more than 10 years later. This Lego set is one of our favorites for its ability to glow in the dark.

You can now pre-order Amazon: $149.99(Opens in a new window) (or £129.99 direct from Lego(opens in another tab)The Lego Avatar Set will be available to UK-based residents beginning October 1. The set features the mysterious Tree of Souls and an immense flying dinosaur-alien.EtwasThis set is made by Toruk Makto and consists of 1,212 pieces.

A lot of that’s probably due to the Tree’s complex collection of fronds and the plant-life of Pandora included in this box, but you are getting a handful of minifigures too – Avatar hero Jake Sully, warrior princess Neytiri, Na’vi spiritual leader Mo’at, grumpy golden boy Tsu’Tey, and a Direhorse.

LEGO Toruk Makto & Tree of Souls set complete

(Image credit: LEGO)

The Lego Avatar Set includes the supreme dragon-bastard Toruk Makto. It is massively detailed and has foil wings. The Direhorse and it also share the same name. ‘connectors’ that attach the braid of Na’vi minifigs onto the creature. It’s a cool, but unnecessary, detail that shows the care given to details.

A Lego Avatar with glowing lights has been created

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