Minecraft fan creates 3D printed bees inspired by the game

This gaming world is unlike any other. Minecraft, with the game boasting procedurally-generated environments filled with exciting mobs for players to discover. Mojang’s additions to the game over the years have made these environments more real. Minecraft in updates. Bees made it in the past update.

As a neutral mob, the 2019 update added bees to the game. There are many places they can be found. MinecraftSunflowers are also available in Meadow plains. These adorable flying animals can be used by beehives to make honeycombs and honey bottles. Fan art was created by one player to honor this cute mob.


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Reddit user Jemand_Etwas posted a picture of a 3D-printed object they recently created. While gamers 3D-print their favorite characters often, this artwork was quite remarkable because it reminded one of bees. Minecraft. This 3D-printed mob is modeled on its in-game counterpart. The bee’s yellowish coloration was highlighted by its brown banding. It was equipped with six small feet and six pairs of bee antennae. To give the illusion of flight, the artist placed the bee on small stands.

Reddit users shared this incredible bee art. MinecraftCommunity members have expressed their appreciation for the artist’s work. Over 1.7K people have already voted and commented on the 3D-printed design. It’s not surprising that many users liked the cute appearance of this bee. One user wanted one for their desk. The design was also loved by gamers who wanted to make copies.

These bees are not the only ones featured in this artwork. MinecraftPlayers’ recent creations. A LEGO model of the insect was created by another gamer. MinecraftIt was too small to fit the original bee design, but it proved very appropriate. Gamers keep playing MinecraftYou will find out what else artwork is being shared by the neutral mob in the weeks to come.

MinecraftAvailable on Mobile and PC, as well as PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox One.

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Minecraft enthusiast creates a 3D-printed bee in the spirit of the Game

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