The Best 2022 Advent Calendars For Kids: Lego, American Girl and Pokemon


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It’s a wonderful way to count down the days until Christmas with an Advent calendar. It’s a holiday tradition that keeps spreading joy from one generation to the next. These were our most-recommended Advent calendars for 2022.

These are the most popular products in this article:

Lego City Advent calendar for $28 (reduced starting at $35)

Barbie Dreamtopia Advent calendar, $34

National Geographic Rock, Mineral, and Fossil Advent calendar, $25, (reduced to $35).

Disney Storybook Advent Calendar, $29 (Reduced From $32)

In the beginning, published The beginning of the 20th centuryThe calendars have changed from hiding little doors to daily revelations of Bible verses or pictures to tiny gifts like candy or toys to smaller gifts such candy, candy, and other fun treats. Both children and adults love them. For 24 days you can enjoy an unboxing adventure every day. 

Advent calendars available for kids are numerous, but they used to be very rare. There are many options available for all ages and interests. Advent calendars can include many types of content. Lego setsBath toys, art supplies, rock, mineral, jewelry, and other supplies. We have products that will suit any age. You can also create your own Nintendo Switch Advent Calendar. 

Here are the top 2022 Advent Calendars For Kids

You still have time to save Advent calendars for your children, even though the best ones sell out fast. The following is a listing of CBS Essentials’ top-rated Advent calendars in 2022 for kids. 

Lego Advent calendars: Lego Friends, Lego City, Lego Star Wars, Lego Harry Potter



Little builders love Lego Advent calendars. You can choose from Lego Friends, Lego CityOr Lego Harry PotterLet your child express his or her creativity. For children 6 years and older

Lego Friends Advent calendar for $28 (reduced to $35

Lego City Advent calendar for $28 (reduced starting at $35)

Lego Star Wars™ Advent calendar, $36 (reduced from $45)

Lego Harry Potter Advent Calendar, $36 

Funko Harry Potter Advent Calendar



You will find many Funko figures inspired by Harry Potter in this cute calendar. For figurines, the packaging can double as Diagon Alley. 

Funko Harry Potter Advent Calendar $51

American Girl Pop Up Advent Calendar


American Girl

American Girl Advent Calendar opens to reveal a pop-up Christmas tree measuring 12 inches. It contains ornaments with 12 American Girl characters as well their animals friends. This set also includes a book with facts and information about the best-known American Girl dolls. Ages 8-12 

American Girl Pop Up advent calendar, $40

Advent Calendar for Pokemon



Pikachu, Eevee, Piplup, Growlithe and Torchi are just a few of the Pokémon characters they will unwrap with this fun holiday calendar. Ages 4+ 

The Pokemon Advent Calendar, $50 (sold at a reduced price of $60).

Advent calendar Disney Storybook 



It is an annual best-seller that will delight young children, both boys and girls. You will get 24 books with 24 pages each. Ages 2-6 

Disney Storybook advent calendar for $29

Advent calendar for Nintendo Switch



Nintendo created an Advent Calendar that you can use. Every day up until Christmas, the digital Advent calendar will surprise you with an exciting game. 

Nintendo Switch Advent Calendar, $22 (Reduced From $45)

Super Mario Nintendo Advent calendar



Super Mario themed action figures and accessories as well as gifts for Nintendo fans will add some fun to your holidays. Ages 3 through adult. 

Super Mario Nintendo Advent calendar, $50

Advent Calendar from Play-Doh 



Every door leads to a play-dough tub. The Play-Doh is fun and creative. Ages 3 to 5  

Play-Doh Advent calendar $16 with $5 coupon

Advent calendar for the ‘Jurassic World Dominion’ 


Jurassic World Toys

Inspire by “Jurassic World”This calendar shows the countdown to Christmas. It includes 30 toys, including a figure of a person and gate pieces. For children aged 4 years and over

“Jurassic World”Advent Calendar, $25 with $8 Coupon

Dreamtopia Advent Calendars and Barbie Color Reveal



This Advent calendar is great for Barbie lovers. These calendars include one Barbie doll as well 24 clothes items and accessories. Color Reveal Barbie is included in the Color Reveal package. Dreamtopia offers a doll that transforms into a princess, mermaid or other character. Ages 3 and up 

Barbie Color Reveal Advent calendar $25, with an $8 coupon

Barbie Dreamtopia Advent calendar, $34

National Geographic Rock, Mineral, and Fossil Advent Calendar 


National Geographic

The STEM-approved Advent Calendar allows children to study rocks, minerals and fossils throughout the month leading up to Christmas. A dig tool, magnifying eye, lens, and pouch are included. Ages 6-12 

National Geographic Rock, Mineral, and Fossil Advent calendar, $25, (reduced to $35).

Matchbox Advent calendar



Matchbox cars are timeless. This Advent Calendar includes 14 accessories and 10 die-cast cars. In the weeks before Christmas, each item will be unveiled. Children 3 and over

20-day Matchbox advent calendar

Polly Pocket Advent Calendar



The adorable Advent Calendar is designed to look like a home and comes with a surprise gift from Polly Pocket as well as surprises underneath each door. Accessory options include Shani Dolls and micro Polly. For children aged 4 to 8 

Polly Pocket Advent Calendar, $23 

Hot Wheels Advent Calendar



Hot Wheels lovers open holiday-themed surprises such as eight Hot Wheels vehicles (1:64 scale) or 16 accessories through this Advent Calendar. With your toys, you can use the play mat attached. Ages 3 to 5 

Hot Wheels Advent calendar $20, Reduced From $22

Meri Meri Ballerina Charm Bracelet Advent calendar


Meri Meri

This cute Advent calendar also doubles as a jewellery box. The charm bracelet is included, as are many cute charms. 

Meri Meri Ballerina Charm Bracelet advent calendar, $52

Advent Calendar Minecraft Mob Head Minis 



A Minecraft Advent Calendar is now available. This videogame has been the best-selling ever. Mod Head Minis Action Figures and Accessories can be Unwrapped for Gamers 6+ 

Minecraft Mob head Minis Advent Calendar, $27 (reduced to $35).

Advent calendar Elf at the Shelf North Pole Advent Train


Shelf Elf

The advent calendar is inspired by the Christmas tree farm and Elf On The Shelf holiday traditions that are loved around the world. The calendar includes 10 Elf and Elf Pet miniatures as well as a mini-plastic railway engine and five mini plastic train cars. Ages 3 to 5 

Calendar Elf on The Shelf North Pole Advent Train, $20, marked down from $33

Playmobil 1.2.3. Bath Time Fun Advent calendar 



Is bath time something your kids love? Playmobil Advent Calendar is sure to make an impact this holiday season. Every day up until Christmas, it gives your child an exciting new bath toy.  For children aged 18 months and over 

Playmobil 1.2.3. Bath Time Fun Advent Calendar, $26 (Reduced From $35)

Skillmatics Advent Calendar: Countdown to Christmas



The 24-day Advent Calendar is educational, motivational, and engaging for kids and teens aged 5-12. Holiday crafts, games and stickers for decorating your cardboard Christmas tree will be provided. Ages 5-12 

$27 Skillmatics Christmas countdown calendar with coupon

Advent Calendar Original Rainbow Crayon


Art 2: The Extreme

This rainbow crayon Advent calendar will help you support a small woman-owned business as well as your child’s passion in art. Each day treat your child with a rainbow crayon creatively made by Etsy seller Art2theextreme. Ages 3 to 5 

Original Rainbow Crayon advent Calendar, $85

Melissa and Doug countdown to Christmas wood Advent calendar


Melissa & Doug

Melissa and Doug’s calendar can be used for many more holidays. The magnetic ornaments can be placed on wooden trees by children. Ages 3-7 

Melissa and Doug countdown to Christmas wood advent book, $22 with coupon

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The Best 2022 Advent Calendars For Kids: Lego, American Girl and Pokemon

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