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Which LEGO Ninjago Set is Best?

Although there are many LEGO theme options, Ninjago is still the most loved among children. Ninjago closely resembles the popular television series of the same name. It is set within a fantasy universe and follows six teenager ninjas who battle evil forces.

Ninjago is a media brand that has countless sets of building sets since its inception. For a detailed set that’s certain to entertain young builders for hours, the LEGO Ninjago Movie Fire-Mech Building KitThe best choice.

Here are some things to consider before buying a LEGO Ninjago Set

Ninjago movie vs. Ninjago TV series

Shopping for an item? LEGO Ninjago set, you’ll usually come across two distinct types of products: building sets for the “Ninjago”Movie and set for the TV show. Although many characters from the films appear in both, their storylines and voice casts are very different. The TV series may not be familiar to young fans. Make sure you buy a building set that corresponds with the child’s preferred interest, otherwise they could be disappointed.

Size of a building set

LEGO Ninjago building sets, like most LEGO themes can contain 100 to 2,000 pieces. With increasing number of pieces, the difficulty level and building area required increases. Be aware of where your child is likely to build the set, and make sure you have the right dimensions in mind before buying a product.

Age range

Although the recommended age range of a LEGO brick building set is printed on most boxes, it may be different for each building set. “Ninjago”There are three types of TV shows: video games, movies and television series. Ninjago building sets should be recommended for children between 8 and 18. The one-off movie is generally appropriate for children between 6 and 8. Sometimes, the TV series may contain mature themes. It is recommended that children aged 8 and older watch it.

How to choose a high-quality LEGO Ninjago set


Ninjago has many characters, some of whom appear as miniaturefigures in Ninjago sets. Sixteen teenage ninjas comprise the main cast. Each has their own elemental and color. Fans of the franchise are likely to want at most a handful of these figures.

  • Lloyd Montgomery Garmadon This is the youngest and most powerful ninja in the group. Lloyd is sometimes called “the green ninja”.
  • Kai is both the red ninja, and the elemental masters of fire.
  • Nya The silver ninja is also the elemental master water.
  • Jay Is the blue ninja, and elemental master to lightning.
  • Cole The solid black ninja is also the elemental master of the earth.
  • Zane This is the titan white ninja, and elemental master ice.
  • Master Wu Master Wu, a wise and old master of creation and the teacher for the six ninjas is wise and ancient.
  • Mechs

    Ninjago characters are able to pilot giant mechs for combat sequences. Most LEGO Ninjago sets have mechs. Many of them are humanoid robotics, dragons, or insects.

    What is the average price of a LEGO Ninjago Set?

    A basic building set of 500 pieces and less will cost between $10-60. Sets with more than 900 pieces can be expensive and may cost upwards of $150.

    LEGO Ninjago set FAQ

    Spinjitzu: What does it mean?

    A. Spinjitzu, a fictional martial art style that was taught by Master Wu to the Ninjas is called Spinjitzu.

    Is LEGO Ninjago appropriate for young children?

    A. While the suggested age range can vary slightly depending on the product, most LEGO Ninjago sets are designed for kids at least 8 years old.

    What’s the best LEGO Ninjago set to buy?

    Top LEGO Ninjago set


    LEGO Ninjago Movie Fire Mech Building Kit

    You need to be aware of these things: A mech taken from the popular “Ninjago”This set contains more than 9000 pieces, six minifigures and is suitable for film.

    What you’ll love: This comprehensive building kit features ninja Kai’s fire mech, complete with an opening cockpit, detailed fire elements and positionable arms and legs. Plastic discs can be shot by the shoulder blasters. This building set is recommended for kids ages 9-14.

    Consider these things: Some users claimed that the mech was unable to stand on its own.

    Which place to buy? Sold by Amazon

    TOP LEGO Ninjago Set for Money

    LEGO Ninjago Legacy Monastery of Spinjitzu

    You need to be aware of these things: This huge LEGO Ninjago set has more than 1,000 pieces and features eight of the franchise’s most popular characters.

    What you’ll love: The set includes six main ninja characters, Master Wu and an enemy skull. It recreates the temple sacred to the show, so that builders can recreate famous battle scenes.

    Consider these things: A few people claimed they got a missing piece of the building set.

    Which place to buy? Sold by Amazon

    LEGO Ninjago is worth looking at

    Lego Ninjago Skull Sorcerer’s Dragon

    LEGO Ninjago Skull Sorcerer’s Dragon

    You need to be aware of these things: The set includes the TV Series’ huge Skeletal Dragon, six miniaturefigures and immersive lava pieces.

    What you’ll love: When assembled, the Ninjago heroes can fire rockets at the skeleton Dragon and it will drop bones and spiders. It includes an enemy skeleton minifigure, a sorcerer miniaturefigure, and a functioning statue trap. This set is also compatible with Ninjago.

    Consider these things: Reports have surfaced that this set was shipped in damaged packaging and missing pieces. A few boxes arrived without an instruction sheet.

    Which place to buy? Sold by Amazon

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