Best Star Wars Lego 2022

The quest to make the most Star Wars Lego sets began when Lego announced a partnership with Lucasfilm in 1999 to produce themed sets featuring Star Wars Episode I, The Phantom Menace, and the classic Star Wars trilogy.

There have been hundreds, if not hundreds, of sets over the years that have featured every Star Wars character, vehicle, or space station.

You will find a set that suits your needs, whether it’s for a child’s birthday or for yourself.

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In fact, the partnership created its own franchise. Lego Star Wars games. Games Lego Star WarsExamples of this include the Skywalker Saga Collection and its spinoff films.

It has proved to be so profitable. Lego Star Warshas become its own movie franchise. You can find the entire trilogy in one place. Lego Star WarsVideogames in The Skywalker Saga

The sets are constantly being released, meaning there’s a good chance that whatever your favourite part of Star Wars is, you’ll eventually see it in Lego form.

Lego star wars stormtrooper. Credit to Bubbers13/Getty Images

However, they are also regularly retired, and the Lego sets of today will not be around forever ­– I will never forget missing out on the epic Lego Death Star that floated above the Legoland Windsor gift shop as a child.

Sadly, it was far beyond my £1 a week pocket money at the time and now the sets have become collector’s items which sell for several times their retail price.

But if you can’t find your favourite vehicle, then there is a bustling community of home builders who create their own versions of all the ships from the Star Wars franchise – including BBC Sky at Night Magazine’s own Art Editor Steve Marsh (whose work you can find on Flickr as Rubblemaker).

These are our top picks before you begin creating your designs. Lego Star Wars sets.

Our space Lego and space Playmobil guides have additional space-themed building kit information. Also, check out our Star Wars guide.

Star Wars Legos at Their Best

Best Star Wars Lego under £15

Microfighter Mini Millennium Falcon

Pieces: 101

Model No: 75295

The Millennium Falcon, as everyone knows, is one of the most important spaceships in Star Wars.

This microfighter allows you to own your very own replica of the iconic spaceship for a low price.

This set is small but still has 101 pieces, which makes it a great build.

The assembled model has no shortage of details you’ll recognise from the film, such as the cockpit, weapons towers and two stud shooters that really fire, so you can battle with your friends.

The set includes a minifigure of everyone’s favourite rogue, Han Solo, armed with his trusty pistol.

Learn more about this full-size version. You can find it on our Best Space Lego sets List.

Ahsoka Tano Lego BrickHeadz

Pieces: 164

Model No: 40539

This kit includes everything needed to make your Ahsoka Tanos figure, Anakin Skywalker figure or padawan.

Ahsoka is shown in her Star Wars Clone Wars costume. She was equipped with twin lightsabers. Ahsoka appeared previously in Rebels and The Mandalorian as well her Disney+ show Ahsoka.

The BrickHeadz range creates a blocky design that doesn’t try to hide its Lego roots, and is reminiscent of the characters of Minecraft.

Star Wars Snowtrooper Battle Pack – Four figures

Pieces: 105

Model No: 75320

The set comes with four snowtroopers, ready for the moon.

The Empire Strikes back first showed this set. This set features a trooper riding speeder bikes with a laser-turret and two blasters. One is hidden behind a snowy barrier.

These books are ideal for young children who love to recreate favourite scenes.

Stormtrooper Key Light

Pieces: 1

Model No: 5007291

Stormtrooper’s white armour is one of the most memorable in a series that features many memorable costumes.

This adorable keyring has a miniature-sized Stormtrooper. It is however twice the height of a regular minifigure. It is both fashionable and practical thanks to the LED torch that’s embedded in every foot.

Display the Best Star Wars Lego

501It is possible toSet of Legion Clone Troopers

Pieces: 285

Model No: 75280

Star Wars Prequel Series tells the story of Clone Wars. This galaxy-spanning battle pitted armies of Clone troopers under Jedi Generals against Battle droid squadrons.

The set also includes figures from both sides as well as a AT-RT walker and speeder walker.

For the painting of the clone troopers you need to use all 501 colours.It is possible toLegion were at that time led by Ahsoka Tano and General Anakin Skywalker. Their exploits are also featured in The Clone Wars animated series.

Star Wars Lego diorama Death Star trench run Star Wars Lego diorama

Pieces: 665

Model No: 75329

A New Hope is Star Wars’ final movie. An unlikely group of rebels makes desperate attempts to take down the Death Star. They dive through the space station’s trenches to get a one-in-a million shot.

As any Star Wars fan will know, it’s young Jedi Luke Skywalker who makes the final shot and with this set, you can recreate the scene for yourself.

Comes with a miniature X-wing, being pursued by three Imperial TIE fighters, including Darth Vader’s recognisable by its curved wings.

Darth Vader helmet

Pieces: 834

Model No: 75304

The iconic helmet of all cinema history is the sleek black Darth Vader’s iconic armour. Lego has used it to create their Star Wars helmet sets. These can be built, collected, and displayed.

Just like the villain, there’s more than meets the eye with this model kit – the hood can be lifted off to reveal the intricate life support systems beneath, as can be seen at the end of Return of the Jedi.

It measures in at 20cm high and 14cm wide. The result is a great way to create a huge impact and not take up too much space.

Mandalorian Child

Pieces: 1073

Model No: 75318

The Child is also called Baby Yoda, Grogu or The Child. This name has become more common for The Child. It first appeared in The Mandalorian. Disney+.

This model measures over 19cm in height and features an adjustable head with hands.

Comes with a display plate with Grogu’s details, as well as an adorable Baby Yoda minifigure.

Best Star Wars Lego Ships

Transportation Scythe for Inquisitor

Pieces: 924

Model No: 75336

  • Purchase nowStart at LEGO ($89.99).

The Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi series fills in the gaps between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope for one of film’s most famous mentors.

During the show, the Jedi was forced to dodge a team of Inquisitors – Imperial warriors that are specially trained in order to track down and eliminate Jedi Knights.

You can position your vehicle as you wish with the help of foldable wings on their transport ship.

Four minifigures Obi wan Kenobi and Reva sevander are also included, as well as the Fifth Brother, the Grand Inspector, and Reva Selvander.

AT-AT Walker

Pieces: 1267

Model No: 75288

The Empire Strikes Back’s very first scene features an iconic scene in which Luke Skywalker ties ropes around the AT-AT Walkers, falling the normally formidable war machine.

You can build a Walker 38 cm tall model with this set, which includes spring-loaded shooters as well as several hatches.

Six minifigures are included in the set, including one from Empire and one Rebel Alliance.

If you’re looking for a more advanced version set, there is a much larger 6785 piece AT-AT Star Wars Lego Lego set (75313).This information can sometimes be difficult to locate.

Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer

Pieces: 4784

Model No: 75252

You will be transported to the Dark Side with this monster build.

It’s a massive Lego build with over 4,700 pieces. However, it’s large enough to capture all of the details from the original movie model.

Final piece is 44cm by 110cm by 66cm. You’ll need to plan ahead about where it will be displayed and set aside a few days for assembly. Even the best Lego builders will find it challenging.

Best Lego Star Wars spinoffs

Advent calendar 2022 Lego Star Wars Christmas

Pieces: 329

Model No: 75340

Star Wars Lego Advent Calendar is an excellent gift for Star Wars lovers of all ages.

Every day, you’ll open the window to find a new minifig of your favourite characters or tiny version of your favourite spacecraft and settings from across all the films and TV shows.

2022 Lego Star Wars calendar contains 8 mini figures – including a Christmas jumper wearing C-3PO and R2-D2, as well as Darth Vader dressed in the summer shirt he is seen sporting in Lego Star WarsSommer Vacation

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

Pieces: 1

Charting the plot of all three trilogies, from The Phantom Menace to The Rise of Skywalker – only this time everything is Lego.

Minifigures replace the characters. You will have to collect the sets made of Lego. ‘studs’More characters and more features are possible

Skywalker Saga works just as well with other Lego games. The Skywalker Saga has the same humor and sense of humor that other Lego video games. However, the game still shows deep affection for Lego.

To unlock more content, you can return to certain scenes or levels and interact with characters from different films.

The game can be played solo or with your friends. ‘couch co-op’A friend and you can both control the same character. Together, we can increase the enjoyment.

The series includes additional downloadable content that features characters from movies like Rogue One, Clone Wars or The Mandalorian.

Best Star Wars Lego 2022

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