Star Wars LEGO Sets and Items that Are $50 or Less

These are the best LEGO Star WarsSetting up an item and paying $50 or less for the holiday season is a fantastic way to save some money.

LEGO offers many holiday gift options. Some LEGO Star Wars sets can be quite expensive, it’s not surprising.

Also, they are affordable LEGO Star WarsThere are many sets that can bring happiness and joy to people. You can purchase these items for as low as $50, however they may not be available in all orders.

Brick Sketches BB-8

For $16.99, children eight and over can create BB-8 with 171 pieces. This adorable droid can add visual appeal to any Star Wars collection.

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Duel for Mustafar

You can recreate the dramatic duel between Anakin Sternwalker and Obi Wankenobi here Episode III: Revenge of the Sith ($19.99). This set of 208 pieces is appropriate for children seven years old and over. You can also open the Mustafarian mine with two miniature-figures.

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Action Battle Endor Assault

Action Battle Endor Assault ($20.99), takes you back to all the action and excitement of Action Battle Endor Assault. Wicket will defeat Scout Trooper with this 193-piece set. It is suitable for children 7-10 years old.

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Disney+: The hit series Mandalorian comes this AT-ST Raider fighting against Mando and Cara Dune ($39.99)! This set contains 540 pieces, and it is appropriate for players 8+.

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The Last Jedi First Order Heavy Assault Walker

The Heavy Assault Walker (21.90 USD) is an excellent option for people who like smaller builds. With 54 pieces, this mini First Order weapon can be built quickly.

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Skywalker Resistance A-Wing Starfighter

The Resistance A-Wing starfighter (24.47) will transport you to the sky! The 269-piece collection includes Snap Wexley and Lieutenant Connix, as well as mini-figures. You can retract your landing gear and use spring-loaded guns.

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LEGO BrickHeadz Star Wars Kylo Ren & Sith Commander 75232 Building Set

BrickHeadz collectors aged 10 years and over can add Kyloren (a price of $33.99) to the collection. At 240 pieces the two stand on their own baseplate in elaborate detail including Kylo Ren’s damaged helmet!

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LEGO Star Wars: The 501st Legion Clone Troopers 75228

It’s time to fight some droids as the 501st Legion Clone Troopers ($44.00)! This 285-piece set allows children 7 years and older to make the AT-RT Walker or BARC Speeder in order to defeat the droids.

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Star Wars LEGO sets and other items at $50 and below

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