The Best Toys For 3-Year-Olds 2022

They are curious and active, so toys that appeal to them the most will work best for them. This stage is when older toddlers can be more open to learning. They also engage in pretend play. That’s why our favorite toys for this age are entertaining, while encouraging active play and maybe even a bit of learning as many of these kids are in or headed to preschool where they’ll be practicing their numbers, letters and colors.

Toys that aren’t thrown away within 10 minutes of their use will not give your child a sense or enjoyment. “At this age children are continuing to develop their fine and gross motor skills, language skills, cognitive skills and social and emotional skills,”Emma Hubbard, a founder and pediatric occupational therapist is Emma Hubbard. Brightest Beginning. “It is through play that they develop these skills. Therefore, it is important to give them toys that promote the development of these skills.”You can also include balls and bikes.

Hubbard loves toys that offer free play. “It’s really important to provide toys that promote imaginative play as this encourages interacting or playing beside their peers and will help them develop their language skills, problem solving and social and emotional skills,”Hubbard states.

Whether you’re shopping for their birthday, the holidays or just for fun, here are the best toys for 3-year-olds right now. Also, you might be interested in these toy gift guides: Best toys 1 to 2 years old, Best toys 2-years-old, Best toys 5 to year-olds. The Best Outdoor Toys. And Best Gifts For Teens.

Best Toys for 3-Year-Olds: Imagination and Pretend Play

A Beautiful and Elegant Wooden Tea Set

With this charming wooden Manhattan Toy Teatime Toy Set, pretend play is even more fun! A wooden tray decorated in delicate flowers holds all the items they need for tea parties with their dolls. This is a great option for parents who prefer to use plastic-free products.

Dress them up in a dress to make them feel like a hero

This is often when children start to take an interest in dressing-up and wearing masks, wings, and dresses. This Great Pretenders firefighter set allows them to pretend they are the ultimate hero, a firefighter. This jacket might be a favorite of your child. It includes all the accessories you need for a day of heroic firefighting.

Sliceable Fruits with their own Knife

Pretend food has become a very popular commodity among toddlers. The Melissa & Doug Cutting Fruit Set gives them their own fake knife. I bet you’You’ve likely started to hear more of the following: “I can do it myself!”These scenes can be performed by them using this set “do it myself” food prep scenarios. This includes fruit slices that can be held together with self-stick tabs and a wooden tray with knife. Children can use the knife. “cut”You can break the wooden fruit into smaller pieces to improve motor skills. You can also learn the concepts of part, whole and fractions.

Realistic looking work benches

The award-winning pretend bench allows your child to build with ease. The set includes 35 pieces including a wrench and screwdriver as well as a hammer. It can be adjusted to fit your baby’s height and will make an excellent addition to any bedroom.

Stuffed Animals and a Vet Playset

Both parents and kids love the Melissa & Doug Vet Play Set. The set’s commitment to pretend play is well known and its attention to detail. This 24-piece set comes with a stuffed cat and a dog, along with accessories to treat any injury or illness. The items can all be kept in a bag. Stuffed animals can quickly be your best friend when you go to bed.

They can push an actual Ice Cream Cart around

What 3-year-old doesn’t love ice cream? The LeapFrog Scoop and Learn Ice Cream Cart is adorable and provides endless hours of pretend play. There’s plenty of fake ice cream, cones and toppings, as well as a magic scooper to develop those fine motor skills. You can easily move it around your home or playroom with the wheels.

The pretend play set encourages children cleaning

Toys and toys are a great way for toddlers to get involved in their families and help clean up after them. We may find it a boring task, but tots really just want to join in, and this Melissa & Doug Let’s Play House set is just their size. They get a mop, broom and dustbin, so that they can pretend to play. You can store it in a corner and remove it when you are not using.

Top 3-Year Old Building Toys

Magnetic tiles for friendship and creativity

Magna-Tiles is a magnetic building toy that has exploded in popularity in recent years—and age 3 is when these blocks suddenly become safe for playtime. Magna-Tiles has a simple idea. The various geometric shapes allow children to create 3-D structures. Magnetic sides make them snap together. Children can easily add new characters or sets to existing sets. Magna Tiles can be introduced to children with this set featuring an animal theme.

They’re Just The Right Age For Duplo

This set of 20 pieces is great for beginners. The set has only a few parts, and it features a very fun theme. Children will love to build their own trucks and play with them.

The First Robot Kit

Toys for toddlers that use STEM technology allow them to build robots. They can mix and match the pieces, snapping the parts in to design their perfect model—or take it apart and start over. You can use the pieces with small hands because there are no batteries.

Top Active Toys 3 Years Old

A Toddler-Sized Bounce House For Outdoor Fun

For a big ticket item, you can’t go wrong with this Little Tikes Jump ‘n Slide Inflatable Bouncer for younger kids. It will make your backyard (or basement) feel more like a carnival. Kids will love the slide and it’It is the perfect size to fit toddlers. They can climb into and out of the unit with ease because it has a low profile. It comes with the heavy duty blower you’ll need to make it work, inflating in just a minute.

A Mini Motorcycle To Start Riding Early

Some 3-year-olds aren’t quite ready for a big kid bike, but this Harley-Davidson trike will make them feel just as cool as their older siblings. Large pedals and easy-to use handlebars makes it simple to maneuver. The cool biker theme might inspire them to hop onboard. Toys can be stored in an easily accessible compartment.

The Basket that Can be Adjusted to Shoot Hoops at Any Age

This starter set is ideal for kids who are interested in basketball. This set comes with three quick-hitting balls and can be customized to their ability level.

The Best Arts and Crafts Toys for 3 Years Olds

The Standing Easel: Painting and Coloring

The easel has a chalkboard and dry erase area. It also includes space for a paper roll. The paper is held in place by clips. Additionally, there are places to keep crayons or paint brushes. Multiple toddlers can play together in the ample space. It’s sturdy and folds nearly flat for storage.

An easy-to-use, portable drawing tablet that is virtually unbreakable

A magnetic doodle board might seem too simple to engage a busy toddler, but I’ve found it to be an impressive distraction on car rides, at restaurants and in the airport. Given that it’s all magnetic (no glitter or melty crayons here), it also keeps things pretty mess-free. Children can use the slide eraser easily.

Washable Paint Available in Many Colors

Painting can be fun for children as young as 3 years old. This watercolor set from Ooly comes with 36 beautiful colors, so they’ll have plenty of options to find the perfect shade for their creations. Bonus: This paint is completely washable, so there won’t be too much worrying about clothes, the table or the walls.

Top Educational Toys 3 Years Old

An Educational Book They’ll Love Exploring

It’s not too early to get them started on preschool tasks. LeapFrog’s interactive activity book is composed of touch-sensitive pages that teach children about colors, matching, shapes, and more. The erasable pencil allows them to practice writing letters, drawing lines, and tracing shapes. They will require batteries.

You Can Solve Colorful Wooden Puzzles

This sweet puzzle is made of chunky wooden pieces and easy to grasp for small hands. They’re made of eco-friendly wood in colorful primary colors and come in fun animal themes to intrigue your little one. Even though each is quite small, they offer enough variety for your child to be entertained.

Interactive Book That Teaches Color Play

This darling interactive book from artist Herve Tullet sneakily teaches kids their colors while they’re having a blast pretending to smear, press and mix the paint color on the pages.

What are 3-year-olds’ favorite things to do with their toys and games?

At this stage, toddlers are interested more in imagination and playing with other children than their parents. “Three-year-olds often display what is known as ‘deep conceptual interests’ that go beyond a casual interest in things like dinosaurs and princesses,”Jody LeeVos is chief learning officer of the Institute for Early Childhood Development. She is an expert on early childhood development. BEGiN. “That is, many children in this age range express a very strong interest and fascination with specific topics, such as trains, garbage trucks, or ponies, and this will drive a lot of their play and toy preferences.”

It is fun for them to play out all the little things they do every day like shopping, putting their baby down to sleep and even putting him to sleep. “Between 3 and 3-and-a-half, their play themes expand to include events which happen beyond personal experience, like pretending to be a fireman/woman or a police officer,”Hubbard states.

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The Best Toys For 3-Year-Olds 2022

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