Buy LEGO 10292 Friends set| Buy LEGO 10292 Friends set

Do you dream of having a LEGO model? Friends apartments? A new set of 10292 toys has been revealed by the manufacturer. It features the characters’ homes and their friends.

In the package was also included LEGO sets. Zavvi’s spring sales Save 15%, reduced from the normal price of £129.99 to £109.99, saving you £20.

This 2,048-piece set is the continuation of Central Perk’s highly-coveted collection. This collection features figures of Joey, Ross, and Phoebe. Monica, Phoebe. And mini versions Chandler’s dramatic ex Janice, as well the men’s unconventional pets Chick & Duck.

Purchase Now Lego set Friends Apartments

The show’s most memorable scenes will still be available to long-time viewers. Also featured in this episode is the huge poking tool that the gang used for season 3 to poke at the skin. ‘Ugly Naked Guy’The flat is across the street. artwork.

It also contains the cheesecake Chandler, Rachel and Monica pretend to eat after they drop it on the hall floor.

LEGO The Friends: Apartments Television Series for Adults (10292)

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Other accessories include Pat, the giant ceramic dog statue from Joey & Chandler’s apartment, the boys’ fossball table and reclining armschairs plus Phoebe’s DIY dolls’ house that meets an unfortunate end during one season three episode. Ross gets attacked by a tiny ginger cat. ‘The One With the Blackout.’

You can display both apartments separately or in combination to look like the original filming studio.

LEGO Friends apartment set is also available from the official LEGO website, priced at £129.99.

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Buy LEGO 10292 Friends set| Buy LEGO 10292 Friends set

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