Credit scenes from Lightyear-Lego Duplo

LightyearHe has also sped to Disney+ like with Disney+ Toy StorySeries, the fun doesn’t stop when the credits begin rolling.

Toy Story 4The film included five credits scenes. Toy Story 2These fake bloopers are featured Toy Story 3 Ajouted a scene to the credits LightyearThis tradition continues by continuing with Three scenes from the credit scene.

The credits include a short scene at the beginning and two scenes towards the end. One is before the Pixar logo and the other after it. They’re not sequel sets-ups as the MCU.

Don’t look away if you don’t want to see what happens. If you didn’t see them, or just want to learn more, keep reading. Spoilers.

Lightyear credit scenes

Mid-credit features Commander Burnside, Isiah Wilock Jr. relaxing in his study. The base has his beloved laser shield, which stops an insect smashing into his window. This is something that he enjoys.

As DERIC continues its search for the right way to help the gang, we cut to it. We saw this running gag in the movie.

The pivotal scene is in the final scene after Pixar’s logo. Zurg is still floating in space. We assumed Zurg was dead when Buzz destroyed his hyperspeed crystal.

Disney+: Lightyear

The scene shows Zurg’s eyes lighting up to suggest that he’s still there to cause trouble for Buzz in the future. Is he coming back? Lightyear 2? Angus MacLane (director, co-writer) is keeping a low profile regarding any sequels.

“I mean, the mind of the filmmakers right now is pretty squarely on vacation, so it’s kind of hard to sign up for at least five more years of excitement, but I think we’d be open to it, certainly,”He spoke. Digital SpyPremiere UK Lightyear.

Sub-par performance at the box office LightyearThis might end any potential sequels, but if Disney+ is a success, don’t rule Zurg out returning if Buzz makes it.

LightyearNow available via Disney+

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Credit scenes from Lightyear-Lego Duplo

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