Experts choose the best 8 Lego sets each age

Every interest covered by Lego bricks

Lego’s world has grown from its humble beginnings (like the bricks) in yesteryear. The Classic Lego Creative Brick BoxA bucket of bricks and wheel, to an array of pop-culture-inspired figures or kit. Lego Ideas was used for soliciting fan suggestions. The LEGO Ideas platform allows you to send your set idea to the LEGO Panel for approval before it is possible to produce. This initiative has resulted in themed sets ranging from The Upside Down and The Upside Down. Netflix’s Stranger ThingsTo the International Space Station Firehouse HeadquartersGhostbusters and Central Perk at Friends. There are no limits to what you can do.

“These have been some of the most creative LEGO sets ever,”Brian Korte is an artist BrickworkzThis company creates and delivers LEGO-themed portraits and art.

Scrolling through Lego’s existing offerings is one way to pinpoint the Lego giftee’s needs. “has a pretty good idea of what kids want to build,”BrickJournal’s editor is Joe Meno. BrickJournal is a bi-monthly magazine that caters to LEGO enthusiast. “You can key off that.”

“The Lego Iron Man mini-figure has a helmet that opens. Kids love that,” Meno notes. “Adults like display; but kids like to play and display.”

Top Legos for All Age Groups

LEGO will help you decide which set to purchase. Every box includes a suggested age range. “The age range is going to give you an idea of building competence,” Meno explained. “The younger a child is, the more unlikely they’ll be able to build something complex.”

Top Lego brick sets suitable for 3 to 8 year olds

Lego DuploSets, which can be attached to larger blocks and are ideal for toddlers, are more complex.

1. Lego Duplo My First Number Train

The 23 piece set takes a lot of work. The train’s rolling wheels allow for movement and play. It’s possible to use the numbers as a way of practicing your number skills. One story tells the tale of a girl, a boy and a kitten who leaps off to safety.

Best Lego brick sets – ages 3-5

With my own children, I only made the decision to move into the next age group of sets (with the standard smaller bricks) when I could trust they wouldn’t put the pieces in their mouth if they were playing by themselves.

2. Lego Duplo Number Town Steam Train

This 59 piece set comes with a motor to allow children to easily start or stop the train. You can color the bricks to match sounds, lights, and actions on your train.

“It’s a really intriguing set. It teaches cause and effect, and gives a basic look into coding,” Meno advised.

Lego set recommendations for children aged 5-7

Lego divides sets into 2-year segments after preschoolers have finished. The kits get slightly more complicated — and potentially a lot more expensive — with each subsequent age range.

“You can’t expect kids to build the Empire State Building at seven,” Meno says. “But they can build a house.”

3. Lego City Ice-Cream Truck

This set contains 200 pieces including an ice cream scoop and dog. This brightly colored ice cream truck can be built quickly and is fun to drive around after being completed.

“It’s a nice little self-contained set,” Meno says. “It’s a kid-friendly version of what we’re used to seeing.”

4. Lego City Police Monster Truck Heist

The 362-piece collection includes a mini-bank heist as well as a getaway car. Magnet arm allows safe to be lifted out by monster trucks.

“There’s a nice conflict of good and bad here. Kids are getting more sophisticated [at this age] and starting to look at their city and town,” Meno notes.

Top Lego sets from 9 to 12 Years Old

For older generations, there are more complex series such as the Lego Creator series that offers three-in-1 sets.

5. Lego Creator Toy Store – 3-in-1 Townhouse Toy Store

The kit allows kids to create a bakery or shop. I love the 554-piece set because it introduces modular and scale building. You can connect structures together to make an imagined structure City.

6. Lego City Deep Space Rocket And Launch Control

“I’m a geek. You make a rocket launchpad — what more do you want?”Meno praises the 837-piece set, which includes a monorail and rocket as well as 837 pieces. “But here you get to go to space. It’s accessible. It gives [kids] something to work with and we’ll see where we end up.”

Best Legos for ages 9-11

Lego Creator Expert is an evolved version of Creator sets that allows builders to start thinking about design and function.

7. Lego Creator Expert Ford Mustang Model Car

This 1,471-piece Mustang kit includes a trunk, hood, and many hot-rod modifications. This set is great for kids, as well as adults building with them after their bed.

“Lego is in the unique place of being able to create your memories,” Meno says. “I had a Mustang, and by golly, this car just feels right and reminds me of my high school years.”

The Best Legos For Kids 12 Years and Up

Young teens and adult fans — along with those coming to the hobby because of limited edition Lego Ideas sets — will find a host of challenging and intricate builds that also bring with them a higher price tag.

8. Lego Ideas Tree House

There are over 3000 pieces in this set. You’ll want to set aside a full day or two to build the treehouse with cabin roofs that can be removed and a working crane to lift a basket from the ground. Some bricks can be made from plant-derived plastic.

“The price is steep,” Korte says. “But considering it’s so smartly-built, attractive for display and immensely fun-to-build, I think it’s justified.”

9. Lego Gingerbread House

A Lego set, such as the gingerbread house, can be gifted to your loved ones if they are interested in holiday gift ideas. The set contains more than 1,470 pieces. It is labeled “a” “hard to find”You can find the item on Lego’s website. It includes an intricate exterior with a fireplace and candy-style furniture. A gingerbread house can also be found in the home.

10. Lego Stormtrooper Helmet

The set is intended for experienced Lego builders over 18 years old. For Star Wars lovers or anyone who is up for the challenge, this set has 647 complex pieces. It can be displayed on a coffee table, or placed on a shelf.

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Experts choose the best 8 Lego sets each age

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