Galactic Starcruiser: Star Wars Fan and First Week Visitor Share Their Reactions

With all the hype that has come from the media preview of the Galactic Starcruiser, I wanted to ask my fellow Star Wars fans from around the world what they thought of what’s been revealed. These are the responses and posts of Star Wars fans from around the world.

Ryan Stämpfl from Australia

It Galactic Starcruiser experience looks incredible and I’m thrilled for friends who have been able to take part in the recent tour – I just wish it was affordable for more people and more flexible

For the same cost you could stay for longer at a Disney resort and enjoy visiting multiple parks and have a more family friendly vacation that would cater to more varied interests, it’s a big ask to go stay on the Galactic StarcruiserSpend time with family members you might not be able see. Star Wars fanAs many as possible

Ric Peralta (United States)

The experience of staying at this hotel looks amazing. StarcruiserAlthough it’s possible, it shouldn’t be as expensive as other Disney cruises. This is not possible for everyone, and it will cost a lot of money. I’ll also add I’m a little disappointed that some of the amazing experiences originally planned for SWGE were held back and only delivered for the hotel.

David Manderville (USA)

I have been a lifelong admirer Star WarsThe combination of Batuu and Disney Hollywood Studios has been a tradition since 1977. Galactic StarcruiserThis cruise is the fulfillment and culmination of my childhood dreams. I am disappointed by the cost of the cruise. For a two-day vacation, it is just too costly. It is too expensive for a two-day trip. It may be possible if I win the lottery and if there are open houses. It is my plan to share it with friends that were invited.

Paul Naylor (United Kingdom)

Personally, I knew before I saw the videos released that I wouldn’t be remotely interested in going on this overpriced two-day ‘experience’. This makes Jason of Star Command more Jason Star Wars. This seems to target 7-10 year-olds. They generally don’t have $6,000 to burn and – despite what Disney believes – that age group is not the core Star Wars fanbase. The average age of most fans is between 20 and 30, A more grown up themed adventure would be appropriate – enlisted into Empire or Rebellion, developing into an immersive paint ball/laser tag affair. The accommodation looks okay, but it shouldn’t be the focus – nothing thrilling from what I’ve seen. The entire thing seemed very pedestrian.

Kevin Schwoebel, USA

Is it possible that they have a Starcruiser with a three quarter and three quarter Astromech robotics robot for sale? What is the point of making my life so hard? That’s my collecting life.

Father Roderick (Netherlands)

I’ve seen some of the visitor’s videos and I’ve read some early reviews. I really like their efforts to create an immersive environment, but I don’t think it’s for me. Here are my thoughts.

It’s very similar to a sea cruise environment with cramped rooms, lots of people and constant movement. As an introvert, I really don’t like to be among many people I do not know for an extended period of time. (That’s why I would never like to go on a cruise!)

Interactive and immersive are the best ways to get the most from the stay of two days. It is essential that you are there each day. I can’t be ‘on’Each day. The pressure of only having two days to experience everything doesn’t allow for much downtime without feeling you wasted your money.

Although the overall environment design was excellent, some of its characters seemed to be mediocre. Unconvincing were the blue-skinned officer with white uniform, and Chewbacca’s ridiculously big hat.

The lightsaber fight between Rey and Kylo on that balcony stage felt a bit like what you’d see in line waiting for one of the rides in an amusement park. I understand that it’s the only way to integrate elements like that, but it would require an effort to suspend disbelief in situations like that. It’s great for children.

You can see that there seems to be an emphasis on dining and entertainment. But it felt all the same. ‘too much’.

This experience can also be very expensive. You can take your whole family to Paris or Rome in two days for the cost of one day. Galactic Starcruiser. Maybe some people can afford that amount of money. But it’s not possible for me. Star WarsYou could instead join friends for festivals or conventions. If they’d offer a 2 hour version of this, I might be willing to consider it, but two days? It’s not for me. They charge me money that I could use for other things. Galactic Starcruiser experience.. According to market research, only a few people will pay such high prices for enough returns. They clearly don’t see this as something that any family should be able to experience.

Carl Bayliss (United Kingdom).

The Disney cruise, by comparison, is much cheaper and offers less enjoyment. You get one free day. “on Batuu” so you’re not even on/in the “ship”. Other guests are also welcome to enjoy an immersive experience. “normal clothes”You can escape the situation. Star Warsyness. But above all it’s out of the price reach of most fans so they’ll never get to go.

Adam Bray (USA).

It is my conviction that Galactic Starcruiser looks fun overall. I support Disney’s pursuit of building new experiences for Star Wars fans and charging whatever they think fans are willing to pay. Are you willing to pay to become a guest at the exclusive Disney hotel? Star Wars hotel? No. As a writer—even a writer of official Star Wars content—I couldn’t begin to afford a weekend at that price. It’s too much. It’s too expensive. I can travel around the globe for less than that and still have an amazing vacation. I don’t like the same-old, cookie-cutter activities that everyone else is choosing from when I pick among more expensive experiences. My goal is to create an unforgettable experience. It would be great to stay two nights at a remote location such as this. Galactic Starcruiser isn’t worth the relative expense to me.

Kate USA

It fascinates me. Galactic Starcruiser. Although this sounds like an incredible adventure for Star Wars fanatics, it could also be used as a large sum to finance a more extended vacation.

Matt Booker from the United Kingdom

Rooms were small, cramped, and unreal. For the cost price I’d expect a lot more for my money, so pass. Let the wealthy be rich ‘n’People who have fortunes can live comfortably for their entire lives.

Mike Hammond (USA).

It Galactic StarcruiserWe would love to have this experience, however it seems expensive. Like many Star Wars fanatics, we can’t afford to spend $5,000 on a 2-day adventure. I believe that there won’t be many normal experiences until the price is a bit lower. Star WarIf you’re a super fan of s, or a fan who loves s, sign up for the experience.

All these reactions have led me to believe that many of my friends won’t be making a reservation for the Galactic Starcruiser anytime soon, until the cost and timing are more balanced.

What’s your opinion, and will you be making a reservation at Galactic Starcruiser? Send us an email to share your opinion [email protected]Commenting or sharing your thoughts on social media.

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Galactic Starcruiser Fans Share their Reactions with First Week Visitors and Star Wars Fanatics

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