Harry Potter Lego Advent Calendar 2019

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“Harry Potter” fans have a new way to show their love this holiday season — and it doubles as a toy, too. A new way to show your love this holiday season — it doubles as a toy! “Harry Potter”Lego Advent Calendar contains Lego characters including Harry, Hermione, Ron, Professor Filius Flaitwick, Hedwig and the Owl.

The Lego Harry Potter 2019 Advent CalendarIncluded 24 gift items Children (or adults!) To complete the set, each person will receive one per day.

Gift recipients can either recreate Harry Potter scenes using Legos or create their own. These toys come with a great hall table and accessories, as well as a fireplace that can be used for Christmas. The statue pedestal is decorated with four House Crests. You can even find a tiny Hogwarts Express train.

This set is a delight! We especially love Lego’s holiday theme. There is so much detail, even down to Hermione’s wavy hair (and, of course, Harry’s scar) on the Lego mini-figures. We are enamored with the miniature Hogwarts Express train and the wizard set chess.

The Lego Harry PotterThe 2019 Advent Calendar is available in shops and online, for between $37 and 38.


Another LEGO Advent Calendar

If Star Wars is more your kiddo’s speed, you can pick up a Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar.

Start your toys at “Star Wars” set include a landspeeder, iconic weapons, a republic fighter tank, Naboo starfighter, twin-pod cloud car, General Grievous’ starfighter, blaster cannon and more.


The Lego Star WarsAmazon sells the 2019 Advent Calendar for $39.99. Amazon Prime members are eligible for free shipping

There’s also an adorable Amazon: Lego Friends Advent Calendar $29.99It could be used to decorate a miniature Christmas Tree.


Of course, the classic Lego Advent Calendar is still available. Lego’s advent calendar was created in the Lego City Advent CalendarIt features the 2019 edition of this book. Lego cityAmazon currently has a $29.99 price for snowy activities in the area.


There are plenty of other new Advent calendar options for this year, though, and you’re going to have a hard time choosing between all of them!

Keep an eye out for the mid-September Eclipse Funko Advent calendar in honor of Marvel’s 80th anniversary.

Mini Funko dolls are made with Marvel characters such as Hulk and Captain America.


Adorable! Amazon has the Marvel Funko Advent Calendar at $39.99 It’s available for pre-order and will be released Sept. 13.

If you’re looking for more “Harry Potter”Funko offers many Advent ideas. Harry Potter Advent CalendarIt’s new for 2019 It will be available Sept. 13 at $38.99 on Amazon.


But what about a “Frozen”-themed Advent calendar? This seems just right. The Frozen Disney Olaf’s Adventure Advent CalendarAmazon has 25 figurines available for purchase at $34.85, including Anna, Elsa, and Kristoff from Disney’s animated film about ice.


Of course, if you’re looking for more adult options, there are always alcohol-themed calendars, Honey and jamVersions beauty-orientedAlso, Advent Calendars You can fill it yourself.

We can’t wait to count down to Christmas with these fun Advent calendar options!

Harry Potter Lego Advent Calendar 2019

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