Holiday Gift Guide: Top Toys For Children 4-8 Years Old

Holiday Gift Guide: Top Toys for Children 4-8 Years Old

‘Tis the season to make holiday wishes come true especially before these hot holiday toys fly off the shelves. Gift these toys to the kids in need and to the kids on your wish list to bring holiday magic to children all over NYC. 


  L.O.L. Surprise! Loves Mini Sweets™ Surprise-O-MaticDolls come in the super fun Surprise-Omatic vending machine packaging. Kids will love seeing their favorite sweets transform into these themed, delectable dolls like Jolly Rancher, Hershey’s Chocolate, Sweethearts, and PEEPS, and parents will love the imaginary play that’s sweet as can be. Surprise-O-Matic’s interactive and fun unboxing is a hit with kids. Every sweet surprise is unlocked by the push of a button, which includes an outfit, shoes and accessories. The button works in the exact same manner as when you purchase your favourite candies from a vending machine. For ages 4+: $11.99 




 The Magic Mixies Magical Crystal Ball is the perfect present for a misting, magical unboxing and enchanting playtime. Kids will love using the interactive spellcasting wand and special magic words to fill the crystal ball with mist as they make their Magic Mixie, giving it color, a voice, fortune telling powers, and more.Then the mist disappears and the cutest Magic Mixie plush appears.The magic and the fun continue with the Magic Mixie’s 80+ lights, sounds and reactions, and four interactive modes of play: Fortune Telling, Spell, Game and Tickling. Parents will love that kids can recreate this ultimate unboxing experience and big reveal, and when it’s time for bed they can cuddle with their Magic Mixie and switch the Crystal Ball to Night Light Mode. Ages 5+, $69.29


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 The great white Mega Chomp RC SharkFor children who like sharks, there are many entertainment options. The cartoon-like shark is popular with children. This shark has a swinging tail, and an almost submerged body which transforms the floor to shark-infested waters. Kids will have a blast controlling Mega Chomp, making it swim out of the water, and parents will love that at almost 20”long, from teeth to tail, Mega Chomp’s mega size brings shark-sized fun and immersive play to everyone he chases. Ages 4+ Price per Piece: $39.99


Give the force and it’ll be there Star Wars Micro Galaxy Squadron Millennium Falcon. Children will love this iconic car. The vehicle features an open cockpit and retractable landing gear. It also has light-up thrusters. The playset features Han Solo, Chewbacca and Princess Leia microfigures. Compatible with every Star Wars Micro Galaxy Squadron vessel. Parents will be amazed at the scale and detail. It is also a great feature that lights and sounds are automatically turned off for parents. Prices for Ages 8+ $44.49 



 Fashion dolls from My Avastars by WowWeeIt’s a fashionable and fun gift that can be used for gaming. You can make your own avatars for kids and have them come to life both in real-world and digital worlds. Kids will love to play with these 11” delightful dolls, KawaiiPie^^, A_VibeThng, and Dreamer_3.0, each dressed in her smart, signature look. You get a bonus outfit, 50+ stylish and reusable stickers to personalize your dolls. It allows you to personalize it in endless ways, which makes it great for imaginative play. The fact that kids can match clothes and accessories makes their My Avastars dolls truly unique. This will delight parents. Online ordering is possible using the code.  for even more possibilities for interactive fashion makeover fun. Starts at $19.99 for Ages 6+


 LEGO Large Creative Brick blocksNearly 800 LEGO brick building pieces are included. Kids will love to build to their hearts’ content with the big box of classic LEGO bricks featured in 33 different colors and a wide variety of windows and doors, along with other special pieces to spark bright imaginations. The idea box includes some great ideas and endless opportunities to build LEGO masterpieces. The idea box is great for adding to your LEGO collection. Ages 4+, $43


 The ideal gift for little fashionistas and DIYers is the Cool Maker Stitch N’ Style  Fashion Studio. Sewing is fun with this tool. The fashion studio contains six projects that are easy to make, like a purse and snuchie. Children can design their own patterns by applying unique prints to water. Parents will love that the Stitch N’ Style Fashion Studio includes an innovative cartridge thread system and automatic sewing sensors to make sewing safe, and that it works with most fabrics for the ultimate DIY projects. Prices from $29.99 for ages 8+


RUKUSfx is a hand-held motion-controlled music mixer electronic game that creates music and sound effects as you move and groove. It’s great for kids!You can create custom music loops and mixes using just four movements: swipe, twist, flick. LEDs change colors as they move and light up. You can find many tutorials online to help you learn how to make LEDs.They can be ids Use the integrated microphone to mix, match and create your music. With 80 sound effects, you can create your own music. You can create millions of different music mixes. RUKUSfx will make everyone smile big! For Ages 6+, $49.99




Beyblade Burst Quadrive Interstellar Drop Battle SetThis quaddrive top takes the battle to two and offers a 4-in-1 first. You can customize quaddrive tops in four different ways. They have four ways to battle, strategize and customize their tops. You can customize the battle on up to two levels. To begin, fight on the top level. Next, take out the disc, and then drop down through the Warp Hole. The fact that kids can switch armor tips will delight parents. QuadDrive tops can be scanned by parents so that battles can easily be uploaded to the Beyblade Burst App. Alters 8+ $59.99


American Girl x Janie & Jack Holiday CollectionJanie and Jack worked together to make this luxurious holiday collection for dolls. Kids will love dressing up their favorite 18” dolls in festive holiday attire to celebrate the season. This adorable doll costume makes the ideal holiday gift. Prices start at $34 for ages 4+ 


Cra-Z_Art Shimmer ’n Sparkle Light Up StudioThere are tons of cosmetics and beauty products that can be used to look flawless. The clip-on selfie light can be used to record videos and create beauty stories. There are many vibrant and fashionable nail and cheek colors available in this studio. You can let your child create your own design or use the instructions. “Makeup Tutorial & Story Cards”They will find everything needed to achieve a certain look with the kit. It is safe and non-toxic. For ages 8+, $29.97

Holiday Gift Guide: Top Toys for Children 4-8 Years Old

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