Joker 2: Land release date

When will the new version be available? JokerOfficial confirmation for the sequel

The sequel to Todd Phillips’ critically-acclaimed film. Joker: Folie à DeuxRelease date October 4, 2024.

Phillips posted the title and an image of Joaquin Phoenix reading the script on his Instagram account June 2013. Folie à deuxFrench for “shared psychosis”Or a “mental illness shared by two persons in close association”.

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Although there are no details yet about the plot, they could be included. Folie à Deux It is possible that Arthur Fleck might be a character in another book by the title.

The rumors also suggest that Lady Gaga may be set up as Harley Quinn.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Star is Born The role is being negotiated with the actress. Given that Joker had been in Arkham Asylum during the film’s first part, it would be natural for her to take the role.

Quinn’s origin story in comic books is that she was a psychiatrist working at the Asylum. Joker is her lover and she becomes a partner in crime.

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Since the film’s 2019 release JokerOne of the greatest comic book adaptations ever made. This movie was also the first R-rated film to ever make $1 billion globally.

Phoenix won the Oscar for Best Actor. It was Heath Ledger’s second Oscar. The Dark Knight.

JokerBuy it online Blu-rayOr Video streaming now. The sequel Joker: Folie à deux This film will play in cinemas October 4, 2024.

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Joker 2: Land release date

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