LEGO 2022 catalog: What’s new with Star Wars, Marvel, more


Over the past few weeks, we’ve been detailing everything to expect from the LEGO 2022 lineup including all-new sets, delays, and other news. Today, the official LEGO catalog for January through March has been unveiled, showcasing all the upcoming builds and teasing some kits that won’t be rolling out until later on in the year. Below you will find a breakdown on the LEGO 2022 Catalog.


All the latest LEGO sets are included in LEGO 2022’s catalog

Our guide covers everything we have covered before moving on to LEGO 2022. We’ve broken down what to expect from several themes right here, as well as what the latter half of the Star Wars has a lot in store for the yearSide of the things. Now, let’s get to the actual flyer!

It LEGO 2022 catalogue is nearly 100 pages and contains all LEGO setsThese will also be offered in the winter wave. That’ll mainly cover the January is setNext year’s launch will be on the 1st of each month. The secondary lineup will arrive in March 2022.

Two weeks remain before the event. Official debut of first setSo, almost all the new sets have been revealed. This catalog confirms many of the kit’s final Release datesPrices and existing products, instead of creating anything new.

There are exceptions. Additional information will be available LEGO City Space SetsYou can pair it with the Moon Command Base which was announced in March. These small kits are less expensive and can be used in the construction of a Moon Rover (or a Space Station). These are the kits. Sets will be made availableInspections are available closer to March

Some LEGO 2022 delays, too

It LEGO 2022 catalog includesThere were many other interesting features. It doesn’t focus on the winter sets, but rather teases what else we can expect Later in the calendar year. While we’re known that the LEGO Group plans to release setsIt seems that when we look at the Black Panther sequel Wakanda Forever and Doctor Strange in Multiverse of Madness it is as if everything was up in the air.

9to5Toys broke the news of the Doctor Strange’s first set around the start of this month. Our initial report on the first Doctor Strange set was not complete, according to the LEGO 2022 catalogue. It originally seemed like only one kit would be released to go alongside the movie, but that’s a bit more uncertain now.

It LEGO Group may have delayed Black Panther setsUntil later in the year. This film was the inspiration for The Whole Film It makes sense to use LEGO bricks for kits, which is why it’s in such trouble at the moment.It’s a group thing. It’s still unfortunate. In the meantime, you can read about what we’re expecting from that lineup right here. Though it’s worth noting that with all of the issues around the film’s production, there’s no telling if the LEGO Group modifies or scraps kits before release.

Some highlights can be seen here LEGO 2022’s full catalog below.

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LEGO 2022 catalog: What’s new with Star Wars, Marvel, more

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