LEGO adds another Star Wars set for fans

It Star WarsSplit fandom exists. Ever since Disney’s acquisition of the franchise, people still argue which of the trilogies suck the most. Some say it’s the last three, while the rest still feel it’s the prequels. LEGO on the other hand is open to offering even more related merchandise, such as this AT-TE Walker.

Slowly, we are pulling more cars out of the Star Wars universe. LEGO is so amazing, starting with the 7,541-piece Millennium Falcon and ending up at the 12-piece Mini TIE Fighter. Now, they’re covering Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith – particularly the scenes from the Battle of Utapau.

Just like any other set Star WarsThe ATTE Walker is recreated with this kit. The name is short for All Terrain Tactical Enforcer – technically, a towering battle tank on six articulated legs. The kit includes 1,082 parts and some minifigures, which can be used to create a diorama.

Once completed, there’s a lot you can do with the plastic brick replica. Included are two movable shotsguns, six thermal detonators, six blaster cannons, and two heavy blaster cannons that can turn 360 degrees. The AT-TE Walker’s handle extends to allow for easy movement.

The cockpit can be removed to allow for seven minifigures. You have your LEGO box Star WarsAT-TE Walker stands for Commander Cody. You can also use additional parts to make a Dwarf Spider Droid.

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LEGO adds another Star Wars set for fans

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