LEGO City Space 2019 Official Photos

LEGO Group shared images and information regarding the product with new photos. LEGO CitySpace subtheme

LEGO Group celebrates 50 Years of NASA In LEGO CitySpace subtheme is included in the ‘Space’ theme. While images of the sets are available, LEGO Group has also provided product descriptions. Fans will be able to own these new releases from June 1, unless they are based in the USA – in which case the release date is June 23.

In the USA, 60230 People Pack – Space Research and Development will be exclusive to Target and

60224 Satellite Service Mission
84 pieces, $9.99

Space adventurers of all ages will love this NASA-designed exploration spaceship and satellite set. This LEGO CityThe 60224 Satellite Service Mission set includes a spaceship with an open cockpit and space in its back to hold the satellite. There’s also an extra-vehicular activity suit with golden visor, wrench, and an astronaut minifigure.

60225 Rover Drive
202 pieces, $29.99

NASA-inspired Rover sets for kids are an exciting treat. This is how it’s done. LEGO City 60225 Rover Testing Drive kids’ toy features a rover with removable cockpit, new-for-June-2019 articulated grappling arm and removable solar panel generator. You will also find 2 brand new June 2019 geodes in this space toy, including a laptop, video camera, remote control, rock drill, helmet, andvisor. With Instructions PLUS, LEGO builders have an incredible building experience. You can access it in the LEGO Life App on tablets and smartphones. They can zoom in, rotate and see their creations using the ghost mode. Instructions PLUS makes it easy for children to build. This program guides children through building, giving them more independence and achievement. This set of space-building toys is ideal for children and comes with 2 miniature figures.

60226 Mars Research Shuttle
273 pieces, $39.99

Young space adventurers will love this NASA-inspired gift set that includes a rover and space shuttle. These are the best gifts for young space adventurers. LEGO CityThe 60226 Mars Research Shuttle Playset contains a toy spaceship, two cargo doors and storage space for the drone. It also includes laser and tilting solar panels rovers, storage drones with opening compartments, scanners, and secret symbols that create Mars scenes. The LEGO Builders will have an amazing building experience with Instructions PLUS. You can access it in the LEGO Life App on tablets and smartphones. It is easy to use and intuitively designed for building. They can rotate, zoom and view their creations in the special ghost mode. Instructions PLUS can be a wonderful tool for builders younger than ten years old. They can follow the instructions through every stage of their building project, giving them more autonomy and satisfaction. The fun exploration set also comes with 2 miniature astronaut figures.

60227 Lunar Space Station
412 pieces, $59.99

NASA toys make great gifts for space adventurers young and old. This LEGO CityThis 60227 Lunar Space Station kit includes three modular compartments, which you can arrange and customize in whatever way suits your needs. There’s a kitchen module, living module for sleeping and training and a lab module with light brick, central airlock compartment, detachable satellite and detachable shuttle with opening cockpit and storage space, plus 4 minifigures and a robot figure.

Launch Control and Deep Space Rocket 60228
837 pieces, $99.99

These toy rocket launch sets, inspired by NASA, are an excellent treat for young space-explorers. This amazing LEGO City 60228 Deep Space Rocket and Launch Control kids’ toy features a modular, multi-stage rocket with cockpit, booster and payload storage modules, and a monorail system with stops at the rocket, research area with geode retrieval training and launch control tower. There’s also a launchpad with opening tower arms, rover with articulated, new-for-June-2019 grappling arm and launch control tower with detachable window section, fold-out function and a countdown function.

With the CityKids can interact with Explorers using their phones via the Explorers App CityExplorers App. Instructions PLUS provides LEGO builders with an incredible building experience. Instructions PLUS is easy-to-use, intuitive, and allows builders to zoom, rotate and visualize their creations using the ghost mode. Instructions PLUS can be a valuable tool for builders younger than ten years old. This tool guides children through every step of building to increase their independence and help them succeed. This kids’ toy includes 6 minifigures and a robot figure with scanner.

60229 Rocket Assembly & Transport
1055 pieces, $149.99

This NASA-inspired rocket launch set is ideal for solo play, and it will be a delight to young space adventurers. Amazing! LEGO City 60229 Rocket Assembly & Transport kids’ toy features a large multi-stage rocket with opening 2-minifigure cockpit and rover payload module, launch control room with rotating satellite dish and a rocket assembly crane with winch. There’s a rover lab with rotating arm tool, opening doors and raising platform, plus a large crawler with track wheels and a tilting launch pad, truck with articulated, new-for-June-2019 grappling arm and flatbed, and a rover with extending arm and drill. The cool toy includes a ground-build, two new June-2019 geodes and seven minifigures.

60230 People Pack – Space Research and Development
209 pieces, $39.99

Give young space adventurers a treat with a NASA-inspired set full of minifigures and space-related kids’ toys. This is cool LEGO City 60230 People Pack – Space Research & Development construction toy includes a bunch of new minifigures in different jobs relating to space travel and exploration. The set also includes the G-force astronaut training device with 2 seats and a treadmill. It also features a rocky ground scene, drone, and a spinning rotor. You will also find a robotic stand, computer stand or test rocket stand as well as 14 miniaturefigures.

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LEGO City Space 2019 Official Photos

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