LEGO City Summer 2022 Rumored farm sets

There are some rumors about the LEGO City Summer 2022 SetsThe new sets include farm sets. Three sets of safaris for wildlife and one set of farms will be available in June, according to.

• Chicken Coop (60344) – 101 pieces
• Vegetable Delivery Truck (60345) – 310 pieces
• Farm with Animals (60346) – 230 pieces
• Wildlife Rescue Mission (60353) – 246 pieces

The Chicken Coop is said to include three chickens and a golden chicken. Reports indicate that some rabbits may be living in the Vegetable Delivery truck. With six animals, the Farm with Animals set is likely to be the most successful. It includes a cow, calves and piglet. There’s no details on the wildlife set at this time.

Obviously, it’s still too early to confirm whether these sets are true or not but StoneWars does have a good track record of reporting new sets.

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LEGO City Summer 2022 Rumored farm sets

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