LEGO City Undercover Wii U Review


Telltale Games was the LEGO creator for the previous generation. The team started with Batman films, then moved to major franchises such as the Lord of the Rings and Marvel. They tried something different this time. They decided to go against the grain and not rely on an already existing IP for the film. CityLEGO series sets. These LEGO sets would be the ones you’d most likely have used as a kid. LEGO CityIt’s a wonderful game, combining nostalgia and trademark humor. It’s one Wii U owners should get.

LEGO CityAfter the 3DS game’s in-development, Undercover will be out within two years. Chase McCain is a cop from the local area who makes a return to his hometown. LEGO CityAfter a foreign trip, Chase comes home. Chase comes home to LEGO CityAfter a vacation overseas. Rex Fury, Chase’s last big blunder, escapes from prison. Chase has to capture Rex Fury and bring him back to prison. The story is full of twists and turns, as you might expect. Chase also has to catch Rex Fury who fled prison.

LEGO CityYou can think of Undercover as Grand Theft Auto’s LEGO version. However, there are some key differences. It is not intended for adults, although younger children can play it. Second, there won’t be any violence, swearing or other language that could give the controversial GTA series its nickname. Instead, you’ll be a police officer who goes undercover to eliminate a major criminal gang. Chase isn’t all bad, though. He has the unique ability to switch between uniforms like a spaceman or robber.

LEGO CityUndercover is an open-world game. However, once you reach the special missions, the game becomes more linear and much more like the LEGO games we’ve seen in the past. You will need to solve some puzzles in order to move on. It will disappoint those who think they can complete the missions in multiple ways like in an open-world game. However, it is one its biggest flaws. Telltale Games seemed too afraid to break away from the LEGO series’ familiar tropes. You can solve each puzzle only one way. Escape and chase missions are the only exceptions. They can be found in the main world.

The many LEGO sets that are available and the different environment make this game more interesting than what we had imagined. It is comparable in size to GTA3. Neben den main missions (15 chapters) are side missions like races or time trials. Missions for ambulance and police vehicles are not included. It’s a disappointing decision. This was a terrible idea. LEGO CityIt is most well-known LEGO City among young children.

It is an excellent game for children young and old. The game is safe for children of all ages. It is not meant to test you. You are not subject to death penalty, but the time required for correcting mistakes is significantly more than that. This game is not open-world. It’s also a game parents and their children can enjoy together.

Wii U features are limited to a handful of specific functions that can be made use of the Wii U’s gamepad. First of all, missions are given via the character on the gamepad rather than the main screen. Although the game is still playable, it will not be remastered. ‘let’s just put a Map on the Gamepad’ trope, it doesn’t seem like wasted effort. Interactive stories are possible thanks to the gamepad. It can be used multiple times to locate hidden enemies or listen to secret conversations between enemy members. It’s definitely one of the best games to use the gamepad.

It is very long. Our play time was 12 hours. The game never feels dragging, but there is one aspect that we didn’t like: the super builds. While super builds can be great, sometimes they can become overwhelming. After that, you will need to spend around half an hour searching for’superbricks’ to move on.

The problem is that they can be too fast. One section requires you to construct three superbuilds in just a couple of hours. This means that you will quickly find yourself searching for bricks over and over again if you don’t collect them properly. It’s not that much fun.

It is an impressive environment in which to set the game. This is a good thing. There are many LEGO sets available for purchase, both in the present and in the past. Telltale Games does not make things easy. LEGO lovers who’ve been building LEGO ever since childhood will recognize familiar sets, such as trains.

The game’s visuals are excellent. There are instances when the game has difficulty maintaining a high frame rate. The Wii U’s performance is not as good as the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. It is hard to imagine how it could be. This game wouldn’t have this problem on these systems, as we’ve seen other more expensive games run perfectly. That’s why it’s so disappointing. Animations and vehicles work in the same way that LEGO characters would.

Walking on Sunshine is voice acting. While there is licensed music in some cars, it isn’t a radio station. Given the amount of effort that went into licensing songs, this is a wasted opportunity.

LEGO CityThe first Wii U title I recommend is Undercover. Although it has some issues, such as the framerate, you’ll find a charming, cute game that adults will enjoy just as much as children. While it is not GTA-compatible and can be difficult for many adults to use, LEGO’s humour will remain. This is a wonderful way to go back in time, particularly if you’ve ever used LEGO. It’s a fantastic game for Wii U users. However, it’s not worth the money to buy a system to play it.

LEGO City Undercover Wii U Review

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