LEGO DC Batman summer 2020 sets available now

LEGO Batman continues to be inspired by DC Comics today, with new LEGO Batman sets. New products can be found at the official online shop.

LEGO Batman is back today, with the character headlining four new DC sets – or three new sets, for those who would rather ignore the DUPLO one. has dozens of more Summer Releases.

These are all the LEGO Bat sets, with the appropriate product description.

The Penguin Pursuit Batboat 76158

LEGO DC Batboat – The Penguin Pursuit (76158). Children can have endless fun with Batman’s characters.

Batman and The Penguin minifigures and 2 cool buildable boats put super-hero action and adventure right into kids’ hands. LEGO 4+ is great for pre-schoolers and young children to build skills. It’s easy to build, so even first-time builders can experience the joy of construction “by myself” – and a simple guide clearly explains the building process, giving kids the confidence to take on more challenging LEGO projects.

76159 Joker’s Trike Chase

The LEGO DC Batman Joker’s Trike Chase (76159) playset is a fast-moving Batman-vs.-THE JOKER gift for kids, featuring iconic cars, awesome weapons and favorite characters from the Batman movies.

Put Batman action and adventure into the hands of young super heroes with THE JOKER’s monster 3-wheel trike toy, with its cool weapons and flames coming from the exhaust, and the ultra-cool Batmobile car. LEGO LEGO Minifigures include Batman, Robin, THE JOKER and Harley Quinn. And with cool features, including the opening and closing mouth on the front of THE JOKER’s trike and the removable Batmobile engine that also turbocharges the trike, the imaginative play will never end.

76160 Mobile Bat Base

LEGO DC Mobile Bat Base (76160) features five iconic vehicles as well as tons of weapons and cool gadgets. The LEGO DC Minifigures are 6 LEGO DC characters that have been popularized in Batman films.

The search for Super-Villains Mr. Freeze, Man-Bat and Bronze Tiger™. The high-tech Mobile Bat Base is packed with exciting hidden features: Detach the Batjet from the trailer and unfold its wings; when it lands, drive the BatQuad out of the rear; unfasten the motorcycle from the back of the truck; release a water scooter from the front of the truck with the touch of a switch… there’s even an on-board jail for the bad guys and an explosion feature for when they escape.

10919 Batcave

Robin and Batman will team up to catch THE JOKER, and then return him home. The game offers toddlers the opportunity to develop super-power abilities and imagination.

LEGO DUPLOBatman Batcave (1099) encourages imagination and provides developmental benefits. Infants learn to operate the Batmobile and improve their motor skills. Playing with the characters allows for social, emotional and developmental growth.

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LEGO DC Batman summer 2020 sets available now

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