LEGO Education sets – including SPIKE Prime – available online

For the first time, LEGO Education sets – including SPIKE Prime – are available for fans to buy from the official online shop.

LEGO Education is a Division of the LEGO Group which designs products for schools. As more and more kids stay at home, educational products become increasingly valuable for parents. offers LEGO Education products.

SPIKE prime is a unique coding tool. It includes components not found in the consumer set. Perhaps it is the most desirable of all the coding tools.

These are the official product descriptions.

45678 SPIKE Prime Set

LEGO Education’s SPIKE Prime Set is perfect for STEAM education. SPIKE Prime is a combination of colorful LEGO components and easy-to-use hardware. It also features a Drag-and-Drop coding system that uses Scratch. Engaged students are encouraged to engage through engaging learning activities that challenge them to solve difficult problems and think creatively. From easy-entry projects to limitless creative design possibilities, SPIKE Prime helps students learn the essential STEAM and 21st century skills needed to become the innovative minds of tomorrow… while having fun!

SPIKE Prime System is based on the programmable Hub. This advanced yet simple-to-use, brick-shaped device features 6 input/output ports, 5×5 light matrix, Bluetooth connectivity, a speaker, 6-axis gyro and a rechargeable battery. SPIKE Prime Set has both motors and sensors that are highly precise. These motors, along with many LEGO elements and LEGO building components, allow students to build and create fun robotic devices and other dynamic gadgets. The Hub’s many motors, attachment points and sensors will allow students to spend more time learning and less time building. Easy set-up and removal is possible thanks to the durable storage box and 2 sorting tray.

LEGo Education 45680 SPIKE Prime Expansion Set

45680 SPIKE Prime Expansion Set

You can now get involved in the thrilling worlds of robotics contests with LEGO Education Spike Prime Expansion set (45680). This is an add-on set to the SPIKE Prime Set (45678), and includes 603 pieces. They include large wheels and motors with banana gears. You will also find over 10 hours’ worth of STEAM learning. It will inspire 6th-8th-grade students to create more complex models, and help them prepare for robotics competitions.

LEGo Education 45025 Coding

Coding Express 45025

Coding Express introduces young children and preschoolers to early programming concepts. It is intuitive and creative. They are encouraged to discover and share their creativity through it. It is the LEGO DUPLOBased on the train theme, this solution allows children to intuitively explore and make connections early in coding concepts like looping, sequence, conditional code, looping and looping. They also learn problem solving skills and critical thinking skills. It helps with collaboration.

LEGO Education 45028 My XL World

45028 My XL World

My XLWorld offers preschoolers a fun way to learn about the world through role-play, idea sharing, and building. This LEGO learning set also develops children’s confidence and essential social skills, such as collaboration, communication and understanding roles and responsibilities.

The colorful materials are used by children in small groups, usually between two and ten. LEGO DUPLOBricks, figures, wheels bases, windows, doors and a building plat are all needed to construct their own home, restaurant or bus stop. They’ll also discover an airplane, car and even a submarine, and will use their imagination to build fantasy animals and make up fun stories of their own. You can combine My XL World with the 45029 and 45030 animals accessory sets of the Early Learning System to make learning more enjoyable for your child.

LEGO Education 45002 Tech Machines

45002 Tech Machines

Transform your children into expert builders! With the Tech Machines set in your classroom, you’ll help children develop their fine motor and problem solving skills while simultaneously unleashing their creativity as they construct classic machines.

LEGO Education 45024 STEAM Park

45024 STEAMPark

STEAM Park builds on every child’s natural curiosity and desire to create, explore, and investigate the world of early science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM) through creative play. Children will love working with you to design a STEAM Park filled with fun activities, thrilling rides, and scene-making. LEGO DUPLOThe possibilities for bricks are limitless. STEAM Park is a place where children can improve their knowledge of measurement and motion. It also helps them solve problems with others.

LEGo Education 9686 Simple Powered Machines Set

Set of 9686 Simple & Powered Machines

The set contains a variety of bricks as well as materials that will help students learn about design engineering with more complex structures, mechanisms and forces. Use this set with the accompanying curriculum pack to promote students’ fundamental STEM understanding of simple and powered machines, structures, and mechanisms. It includes lessons, problems-solving activities, extension activities and teacher guides. There are also worksheets.

LEGO Education 9656 Early Simple Machines Set

Set of 9656 Early Simple Machines

You will receive a complete brick set and eight fully-colored, double-sided instructions for building. This set contains pulleys. Gears, levers. wheels and axles. There is also a punch out sheet that has eyes and scales. You can combine this set with the Curriculum Pack for lessons, problem solving and extension. This Curriculum Pack includes student worksheets as well as teacher guidance.

LEGO Education 45026 Tubes

45626 Tubes

LEGO Education Tubes lets children explore a world of fantasy animals and other creative builds – made from Tubes! You will find a wide variety of tubes elements. LEGO DUPLOChildren can use bricks, balls, doors, 6 building inspiration cards and create many different builds, including an egg-laying bird, dragon and little pooping bug larva. Tubes develops children’s 21st century skills, such as problem-solving, collaboration and fine motor skills, while introducing them to cause and effect, symmetry and 3D shape recognition. Tubes are fun and easy to use in this Early Learning set.

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LEGO Education sets – including SPIKE Prime – available online

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