Lego Lamborghini and Lego Bugatti: Which Technic set should I buy?


Two of the best Lego sets released in recent years are the Lego Lamborghini Sián FKP 37 and the Lego Bugatti Chiron – both have garnered massive attention for how incredibly detailed they are, from the impressive looks to how the internal workings have been recreated, including the incredible engines powering both these machines.

They’re both among the best Lego Technic sets, which means Lego – working with Lamborghini and Bugatti respectively – has put a huge amount of effort into getting the workings and the style of them correct.

Here are some options for hypercar enthusiasts who want to choose the right one. Here are some things to consider so you can find the best car for your needs.

Lego Lamborghini vs Lego Bugatti – Price & Release Date

Lego Lamborghini is the latest of both and it was launched in June 2020. It retails for £499 £349.99/$379.99/AU$569.99This is a fairly typical Lego set that has 3,696 parts.

It Lego Bugatti was introducedMai 2018. It officially costs £329.99/$349.99/AU$599.99, and with 3,599 pieces, that’s right in line with the Lambo.

The Lamborghini is a newer model, so we haven’t seen any significant discounts yet. Most likely, you will pay about the same price as the official price. There have been some great discounts on the Bugatti in recent years. The Bugatti is one of our top picks for Lego deals. In big sales, we have seen prices drop as high as 30%. It is a fantastic value.

Lamborghini is starting to offer big discounts, so don’t hesitate to grab one if you find one that’s great! Here are the lowest current prices for each set.

Lego Bugatti

(Image credit: Lego Group)

Lego Lamborghini vs Lego Bugatti: Features & complexity

Lego states that Lamborghini, the more difficult of both models, is for people aged 18 and over. Bugatti is suitable for 16+.

There is not much difference in practice. Each model has complex engines and gearboxes. The models are also heavy and long due to their intricate interior structures.

Each car has an 8-speed transmission that can be controlled using the shifters located in the cockpit. Bugatti’s engine draws inspiration from the W16 motor. Lamo’s engine is a V12. When you turn the wheels of the vehicles, the pistons in the engines move – and they move at a different speed depending on which gear you’re in.

The cockpit’s steering wheel turns both the front wheels of both vehicles. Each vehicle also has a rear spoiler that can be moved. Lambo however has front and back suspension. This makes the Lambo the winner in the feature competition.

Both doors open. The Lamborghini’s scissor door, however, is clearly the more practical option.

That said, the Bugatti has a fun trick of its own during the build – you put together the front and back separately, and then join them together. That is how it is constructed. It is important to remember the machine’s history and celebrate its creation. We love it.

However, this is maybe the single most awkward part of building either of these models – when building the Bugatti, we simply couldn’t get the two halves to fit together, and couldn’t work out why. One of many Technic pins that were used to attach the Bugatti was improperly fitted. It protruded a millimetre above the rest and blocked the whole thing.
Lego Lamborghini

(Image credit: Lego Group)

Lego Lamborghini vs Lego Bugatti: Design & box

They are an amazing experience to make and feel great in their boxes. These are not boxes with lots of bags inside. All the space in the box is filled by smaller boxes, and they’re printed with parts of the car – it’s like an art book is printed right on the boxes.

These instructions manuals are a great resource for detailed instruction on how to make these art books.

Large enough to store the cars in, these big boxes will hold them.

You have to be able keep them away. They both look fantastic, and Lego made the Lego parts and aerodynamic shapes very similar.

Lamborghini’s final product is most likely the most beautiful and elegant. Although it is limited to Lego parts, Bugatti looks amazing. The Bugatti has sharper edges, which should not be.

The finished size of the Lamborghinis is very near identical. It measures five inches (13 cm), 23 inches (30mm), and nine inches (22.5m) wide. Bugatti measures 5 inches (14cm), 22inches (56cm), length and 12.5inches (332cm).

Lego Lamborghini vs Lego Bugatti: Conclusion

It doesn’t matter which car you choose, as long as it is happy. It doesn’t matter which car you prefer. Both cars are almost identical in terms features and parts, with nearly identical final results.

It could simply be the difference in price. Officially they are the same price but we have seen larger discounts on Bugattis so if you’re looking for one at a bargain price, this might be the one for you. We know you’ll love them, regardless of how they look.

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Lego Lamborghini and Lego Bugatti: Which Technic set should I buy?

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