LEGO NINJAGO’s 2022 season planned for at least 12 episodes


LEGO NINJAGO 2222 provides more details after the announcement about a Garmadon comics series spin-off.

LEGO NINJAGO will be available through 2022, 2023. The 2022 content will contain comics about Garmadon’s adventures, who disappeared at the conclusion of the previous season. The novel’s creator of NINJAGO unveiled them during an event livestreamed.Unveiled a title for the 2022 episodeChat with live experts

Tommy Andreasen, co-creator and creator of NINJAGO has taken to Twitter in an effort to rectify his error. The teased title doesn’t belong to the episode number. It is unknown what the episode’s title will be, however it will appear in the 10th chapter. ‘The Benefit of Grief’.

An error that isn’t really relevant at the moment:

‘The Benefit of Grief’ is episode 10 of Ninjago 2022 (not 12) … can’t give away the title of episode 12. That would be a spoiler.

… just trying not to be eaten alive later.

— Tommy A … on a break! @TommyAndreasen Quanish was foolish November 4, 2021

This correction also confirmed that NINJAGO 2022 TV Show Season consists of at most twelve episodes.

This follows previous information from a press release regarding the future of Cole that stated that next year’s chapter would be exploring a mythical aspect of NINJAGO that Cole and several of the other ninja are crucial to.

Current rumours suggest that LEGO NINJAGO 2022 setsA faction of fire snakes will be included along with models that reproduce classic sets at a smaller scale, but with greater detail. LEGO Group is yet to confirm these rumors so don’t be surprised.

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LEGO NINJAGO’s 2022 season planned for at least 12 episodes

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