Tips & Tricks Video from LEGO Star Wars UCS At-AT



LEGO has released another video about their project. LEGO Star Wars UCS AT-AT (75313)THere are some building tips and techniques that we created during his time. Henrik Andersen is the LEGO designer and responds to criticisms about flaws within the set’s design.

Brickset Henrik brought up this issue. TechnicIt was difficult to take out pins. Henrik shows how to remove pins that were difficult. TechnicThere are pins in various areas of the AT-AT. To test it, you can put the pins in different areas of the AT-AT. “tricks”You can do it.

Surprisingly there is still stock of the AT-AT available on the LEGO ShopOrders placed by December 20th are eligible for Express Delivery


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Tips & Tricks Video from LEGO Star Wars UCS At-AT

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