LEGO Star Wars 2022: New LEGO Star Wars kits

Just after getting an exclusive first look at the upcoming Boba Fett’s Palace set, we’re now able to report on what the LEGO Star WarsSummer 2022 has in-store. Including nine creations, there are remakes of fan-favorite kits like the AT-TE, as well as all-new LEGO creations like Cad Bane’s ship and more. Below are all the details.

Initial details about the LEGO Star Wars summer 2022 lineup

Now we know more about LEGO Star WarsSummer 2022 lineup after nine sets were stacked. could confirm set numbers and price tags last winter. Now, however, we know which kits they are.

Below is a detailed breakdown of everything, including the commemorative builds for Attack of the Clones’ 20th Anniversary through the latest creations of expanded universe shows like the Book of Boba Fett and the Bad Batch.

Official LEGO Star Wars summer 2022 Set

  • 75323 Cad Bane’s Ship: $159.99 | 1,022-pieces
  • 75332 AT-ST $29.99 | 87 pieces
  • 75333 Jedi Starfighter: $29.99 | 282 pieces
  • 75335 Buildable BD-1 Droid: $99.99 | 1,062 pieces
  • 75336 AT-TE: $99.99 | 924 pieces
  • Unknown LEGO Star Wars Sets Summer 2022

  • 75325: Unknown piece count$69.99• Piece count not known| 411 pieces
  • 75331: $529.99 | piece count unknown
  • 65334: $49.99 | 408 pieces
  • 75337: $139.99 | 1,082 pieces
  • As LEGO is known to cancel, adjust, delay and derail kits, this list could change at any time. Early reports have suggested that Star Wars’ summer line-up will include this. Regardless, let’s break down what’s potentially on the way. 


    All of the highlights LEGO Star Wars summer 2022 lineup reports, it looks like we’re finally getting a new AT-TE. “At long last” I am sure you’re rejoicing, and don’t worry, I am right there with you. But it’s worth mentioning right off the top that this should be taken as more of a rumor than a fact. It’s not, at least yet.

    Marking the first time we’ve seen the iconic Clone Wars walker in nearly six years, the upcoming creation will arrive at the $99.99The price point. Price point. The vehicle had 972 parts. This time around, you’re going to be looking at a slightly down-sized build part count with 924 bricks. Minifigures are still up in the air, though we’d expect to see a few of the Clone Troopers included in the Command Station Accessory Pack from January.

    Given that this is the 20th anniversary of Attack of the Clones, it makes sense that we’d be seeing one of the film’s more iconic introductions released in brick-built form. My summer 2022 wishlist would include AT-TE. I’m sure so are many LEGO Star Wars fans. So let’s hope this one ends up being correct come August.

    LEGO Jedi Starfighter

    LEGO Group has another set in the works for the 20th Anniversary of Attack of the Clones. These vehicles have not been seen in LEGO Group for a while.

    You can get the latest version of this kit at $29.99The prices start at $28 for 282 products. There’s still no telling which Jedi will have the honor of being the centerpiece of the new set, though we’re expecting just a single minifigure and companion astromech droid to be included. There’s a fair chance we see Obi-Wan’s Jedi Starfighter, which would go perfectly with a Jango Fett’s Slave 1. Let’s hope one of these unconfirmed sets turns out to be one.

    LEGO Cad Bane’s Ship

    Next up, we’re turning our attention over to the expanded Star Wars universe with the latest set out of the Bad Batch. Assembling the very first version of Cad Bane’s ship, codenamed the Justifier, the LEGO Group will be giving the vehicle some special treatment at the $160 price point. This price includes 1,062 bricks, and many minifigures. That part count doesn’t quite line up with the cost unless we see quite a few figures attached, and this is just the set to make that happen.

    Cad Bane is the ship’s captain, so the Justifier should include him at the very least. Then there’s his droid companion Todo 360, which should also be an easy figure to include. This allows the LEGO Group to be creative in choosing who they include. This is Omega’s perfect opportunity to make her brick-built first appearance, and also to score Fennec Shand in her helmet. There are likely going to be some other characters too, but for now, it’s up to speculation.

    There’s also no telling if the LEGO version of Cad Bane’s Ship will be centered around season one or two of the Disney+ series. But with the bounty hunter’s recent appearance in the Book of Boba Fett, the set is going to sell quite once it drops in the LEGO Star Wars summer 2022 lineup.

    LEGO buildable BD-1

    LEGO Group creates a new, buildable character every year. LEGO Group has produced many different droids over the years, and this latest release will carry on that tradition. TrendFor the LEGO Star Wars 2022 Summer lineup. Right after making an appearance into the live action canon in the Book of Boba Fett, we’re getting a LEGO BD droid.

    To be more precise: BD-1. Star Wars: Fallen Order saw the introduction of this droid. This droid is now moving to brick-built areas. It can be built in a massive 1,062-piece stack. The UCS design has been updated. Release of R2-D2There are more than 2,300 pieces in the collection. A smaller probe roid700 stacks were sold at the March launch. The LEGO BD-1 set would be placed in the middle, allowing enough space for a larger version. The pricing has been determined. $99.99.


    Let’s summarize what we know about the LEGO Star WarsLine-up for summer 2022 According to reports, another AT-ST may launch in August. This should not be confused with the Hoth versionAs it was shown last month, this new creation could also have been influenced by Cassian Andor.

    Set will include 87 pieces $29.99The price point. The MSRP of this set suggests that it could easily become a 4-plus set for younger builders. Otherwise, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to see the third version of the walker in less than two years, given we just had the Model HothThe Mandalorian’s version of the ATST will be made available in 2020. Wild to think that the ATST would not be reliable, as this is the common belief among all Justifier sets.

    As for what the rest of the lineup will hold, there’s a lot of room for variety. Out of all the sets that we already know about, four of them haven’t been detailed enough for us to say what exactly the kits will include. We do have some ideas.

    Based on Book of Boba Fett’s second season, a few sets will be produced. These sets will be available alongside the Disney+ palace kit, and any other build kits. I am hopeful we’ll at least see a set from the Obi-Wan series. We’re also still expecting to see the UCS Landspeeder at some point in the future here, which you can read all about in our coverage from last fall.

    Which set are you most fond of? Share your enthusiasm with us below in the comments.

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    LEGO Star Wars 2022: New LEGO Star Wars kits

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