LEGO Star Wars AT-TE set 2022 Review

LEGO AT-TE is here, it was one of the most anticipated sets this summer. Are the expectations worth it? Read my thorough review of the building process, the pros and cons of the set, and find out if it’s worth the wait and its price!

LEGO ATTE Set Release Delay

It is possible that you are aware of the delay in North American AT-TE release dates. It had been originally planned to be released in August along with last summer sets.

Due to shipping logistics, it was delayed for unknown reasons. Some speculated that it would only be two to three weeks and others said that it’d be available until September.

I’m someone who’s always checking online stores when theres a product I know might be available soon. One night I checked online stores like I’What has my past week been like?

AT-TE was easily accessible. Honestly, I thought there was a mistake but couldn’t help myself so I ordered it.

The package was delivered in a couple of days and I was able finally to build the much-anticipated LEGO ATTE set.

The set #75337 includes 1082 pieces. The finished set measures 20cm/6.8in. It is recommended for ages 9+. You can purchase it for $140 USD. Prices can vary depending on where you live. Due to taxes and import fees, I was required to pay $185

All Terrain Tactical Forcer Lore Reminder

The Galactic Republic’s military tank, the AT-TE, or All Terrain Tactical Enforcer, is used during the Clone Wars. Six laser turrets and six mass-driver guns are included. It also has six legs and six laser cannons. This ground vehicle was of exceptional power and versatility, which was used by the Grand Army of the Republic.

When terrain allows, the AT-TE will always be present in major combat situations. AT-TE can climb high mountains and scale metal surfaces. It is also capable of surviving in space.

Rotating mass-driver guns can be used for slow plane shooting or to intercept missiles. Its armor protects against electromagnetic pulses as well as small arms fire.

The AT-TE has four cannons on the front and two in its rear to defend itself against multiple threats. At-TE is capable of holding up to 20 troopers including the pilot and four gunners.

The tank can also be an artillery and tank vehicle. It is capable of carrying large amounts troops. It’s slow speed makes it vulnerable for precise and powerful attacks. It could be destroyed or rendered inoperable by a well-placed rocket.

AT-TE, a remarkable walker, enabled the Republic overcome many obstacles with no other vehicle. We’ve witnessed its usefulness multiple times but watching The Clone Wars animated show really displays its full capabilities. It’s no wonder why this is a fan favorite.

Building the LEGO 2022 AT-TE LEGO Set

This box was much smaller than expected. If you’re buying this in a physical store you won’t have any trouble carrying it with a single hand, this is super practical if you plan to recreate your favorite battle with multiple walkers.

There’s a total of six sections in this set, all of them within their respective plastic bags. I still can’t get used to the smaller bags packed inside the big ones, it’s just unnecessary waste in my opinion.

LEGO Star Wars AT-TE Review - the bags unopened

So I decided to try something different. I downloaded the 3D instructions for the LEGO app. While this was great to see different angles for your steps, it is more complicated than the actual instructions. I’m probably going to stick with them and just use the 3D ones as additional assistance when needed.

When I created the BD-1 LEGO set, I wanted it to be as simple as possible. My attempt was different this time. Then I just put the bags on the table, and I searched for what I was looking for.

I’ve always loved the process of watching how something that doesn’t really have a shape becomes an awesome LEGO set, this was no exception.

LEGO Star Wars AT-TE - building the main structure

You build the main structure. For a good ten minutes, I was totally clueless. The design is solid and compact, without feeling too heavy.

The building process took me about six hours, in retrospect the method of not organizing the pieces wasn’t the most efficient. Sometimes it was very tedious, especially because it wasn’t until step four that everything started coming together.

LEGO Star Wars AT-TE Review

It was confusing the second times I read through the instructions. I’d say that ninety percent of the pieces are black, dark grey, and light grey so I had to adjust the lighting a couple of times to avoid using the wrong piece. Although it isn’t a major problem, this can sometimes be annoying.

LEGO Star Wars AT-TE Set Review

Everything flew smoothly after the base structure had been completed.

Easy was mounting the side panels, cannon leg and turrets. These are the most critical. “fragile”I was surprised at how simple parts of this set were.

On the other hand, the cockpit wasn’t that easy. The cockpit was difficult to remove because I didn’t place two pieces that might seem meaningless. It is an excellent example of how one part can be the difference between stability and disaster.

LEGO Star Wars AT-TE - the cockpit

The cockpit was quickly rebuilt from the ground up after I realized my mistake. Even after the pieces were in place, it wouldn’t slide as gently as I’d expected. That’s the only part of the set that I think could be a problem in the future.

It was tedious, but it was fun. A pretty easy build and you shouldn’t have any troubles if you follow the instructions thoroughly.

If you enjoy building LEGO sets, this is the ideal way to spend your weekend. It’s great to have someone there who can help you with your hobby.

Playability and features

The AT-TE isn’t as expensive or valuable as a UCS set, so I’d say it’s more accurate to call it a toy rather than a collectible. Although LEGO sets may be collectible, I think you understand my point.

All six turrets are movable, the cannon can rotate 360º, and the legs are movable but I don’t really find a reason to do it unless you want to do a stop-motion cutout or something similar.

LEGO Star Wars AT-TE - view from the turret with a minifigure in place

I love that it’s possible to open up the side doors of the walker, this allows you to see every detail inside without having to disassemble anything. This picture shows the AT-TE’s gunner and some troopers being transported.

You can pull the cabin out of your walker using force. There were pieces that fell several times.

I don’t know if I’m doing it the wrong way but it shouldn’t be that hard to retrieve that part considering how fragile it is, by far the most annoying thing I encountered.

I love Commander Cody’s Minifigure, and the Minifigures are great. The 212th Battalion is one of my favorite Clone Battalions so it’s pretty cool to have four of them in this set. I would have liked a more detailed paint job in their armor but for me, it’s not that big of a deal.

Green studs can be shot from the cannon. It’s a cool feature but I would only use this frequently if I had many studs to spare, we all know how easy it is to lose them.


The most obvious one in my case was the price, $180 is a little too much in my opinion but it’s still more appealing to me than The Justifier.

This is a very cool set, but it doesn’t shine by itself if we compare it to other sets. This set looks amazing! “OK”You can store it on a shelf but you should have at least two copies.

My view is that it’s better to have large battles with several people. LEGO Star WarsSets are the best thing to do. The possibilities you get with this set are incredible, but if I had to choose this or BD-1 to display on its own I’d pick BD-1 every day of the week.

The rotating cannon is my favorite part of the walker, but if you’re not careful when moving it the trooper will easily fall off since there are no studs on the seat, nothing to worry about but I think it’s worth mentioning if we consider how annoying it can be to look for a missing Minifigure.


It’s super cool that they included a total of eight Minifigures (3 battle droids+4 clone troopers+Commander Cody) and a Spider Droid. With the included CIS units you don’t need another set to play “CIS vs Republic”.

This LEGO set is exactly the same as it appears on screen. It is accurate to the screen.

This is the ideal size for making your building stand apart, yet not too small to be appealing. “awkward”Comparatively to other figures or vehicles

The side panels make a very good job at protecting the inside and not allowing its details to be revealed unless you open it, if you decide to do so, you’ll be able to see every funny detail like the fire extinguisher or the cup.

The handle makes it extremely easy to move it around without having to worry about disarming anything, I absolutely love this feature because I’m pretty clumsy.

Stickers are a pain to me so I found them easy to stick.


As with any LEGO set, this is perfect to hang out with a friend if you don’t want to go out. It’s a super fun activity that doesn’t demand too much concentration so you can talk about anything without losing focus.

You only need to add some troopers or a Jedi and this set will be complete.

The building process was super fun but I don’t recommend doing it in one sit especially if you’re not using a comfortable chair, other than that it was a pretty good experience.

It is quite costly, but I think it’s worth it considering all it has. The Phase II Commander Cody Minifigure is the most important one, if you’re a collector and you love the Clone Wars animated show and the prequel movies it is a must-have.

Do you want to buy the Star Wars LEGO AT-TE set?

If you just love the AT-TE or if it’s an important set for your next LEGO build then absolutely yes, you should consider buying it.

You might consider other sets if you have limited space.

Of course, it’s just my opinion. At the end of the day, it’s your money and only you should decide how to spend it.

I was so proud of you! LEGO Star WarsATTE Set Review. If you have any questions I’d be more than happy to answer them as best as possible.

LEGO Star Wars AT-TE set 2022 Review

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