The LEGO Star Wars helmets 2022 aren’t all made equal


The LEGO Group released three brand new Star Wars builds in March to celebrate the launch of the Star Wars Buildable Helmet Series. Now after getting our hands on the sets and stacking up the nearly 2,000 combined bricks, we’re seeing which ones are worth your cash and which should just be passed over.

After its initial launch in 2020, LEGO Group introduced Star Wars sets to a wider audience with more adult-oriented models. Now into its third year, we’ve seen five different builds enter the series since the debut, with March bringing Another three are also added.

This is the LEGO Star Wars helmet’s most comprehensive lineup. Three of the most recent additions deliver quite a few firsts for the theme; most notably is the brick-built portrayal of the very first characters that aren’t from the Original Trilogy. Both the Mandalorian and Dark Trooper helmets hair from the Disney+ side of the canon and mix up what we’ve come to expect from past releases. Then there’s also the first kit featuring a helmet from the Rebel Alliance thanks to the X-Wing Pilot kit.

Every build is now allowed to enter the Same $59.99Price point, though it’s worth pointing out that not all of them are created equality. The three LEGO Star Wars Helmets can be entered at different part numbers. What does all this mean for the final product? We’re taking a closer look.

First things first – we have to start with the Original Trilogy and take a look at what the Luke Rebel X-Wing Pilot Helmet It brings something to the table. The helmet measures 675 pieces and is second in the series of 2022. It also features a lot of printed bricks.

The Red Five Star Wars helmet is the best, and the Red Five Star Wars helmet has been the only one that’s good so far. first open-face helmetIn the range. All of the other kits from the lineup assemble designs that are your traditional helmets, while the X-Wing Pilot style leaves the wearer’s face exposed. Trying to implement that design in LEGO has made the set one of the more unique builds in the Star Wars lineup, but it’s one of the reasons I am such a big fan.

The helmet’s transparent orange visor, as well as the Rebel and Red Five markings at the back are all outstanding and true to its source material. Although there are some stickers to complete the design, the printed elements make the X-Wing Pilot Helmet one of the most accurate and detailed Star Wars sets.

Now onto The Mandalorian, of which the series’ star character is Next on the radar. The latest Mando recreation, the set stacks to 584 parts and is the smallest for 2022. Don’t be fooled, though – its smaller part count is made up for with some chromed silver accenting that really does a solid job of recreating the Beskar look. It isn’t perfect and could be more like the almost-flawless Infinity Gauntlet from last year, but it really does a good job at merging the typical grey bricks with some flashy silver flair.

It’s also worth noting that the build is also quite a bit different than the Boba Fett version we saw back in 2020. Although the colors might be slightly different, the overall design is the same. Actual buildThere are some variations in the parts count for people who may be worried about repeating the same set. A simpler build is possible due to the lower part count. That’s not a diss either! I am a big fan of how the final product looks, even if the entire build isn’t covered in chrome.

Last but not least, the Dark Trooper. This helmet is larger than the one from The Mandalorian because it has 693 parts. It is made almost entirely of black bricks. This makes it the most complex of all of the kit’s. LEGO’s Dark Trooper robot vibes can be pulled off in many different ways. LEGO is a master at this.

I think everything from the eyes down is pretty amazing, however the best part about the entire look is the finish on the top. Really, it’s flatFrom the Vader-like design of the Vader mouth piece.

One of the most important things about the LEGO Star Wars helmets 2022 is the fact that not all sets are made equal, regardless of their price. You can get a variety of results by spending $60, but I believe there are some highlights to avoid.

In my book, the Luke X-Wing Pilot Helmet is easily the star of the show for 2022, though Mando isn’t too far behind. Both are certainly worth getting, but I would have to say that the Red Five recreation is the top pick if you’re only looking to score a single one. It is hard to find a better product with such fine detail.

On the other hand, there’s the Dark Trooper. If there was ever any proof that part count isn’t everything, this set would have to be a shining example. Sure, it’s has the most bricks of the theme, but falls short of delivering the same quality that the other two LEGO Star Wars helmets delivered. The Dark Trooper has arrived

The LEGO Group’s approach to the Star Wars helmets was a great one. Even if they aren’t all perfect, getting some builds that aren’t just different Imperial Stormtrooper variants is pretty refreshing and hopefully means we’ll see more unique inclusions from future updates to the series.

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The LEGO Star Wars helmets 2022 aren’t all made equal

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