Lego Star Wars Magazine #78 is out now


Issue 78 LEGO Star Wars Magazine is out now in the wild, and here’s all the details of what you’ll find inside – and on the outside – of the cover.

The LEGO Star Wars magazine’s new issue features a great Republic Gunship set!

Inside the mag you’ll find epic posters featuring Mando, Grogu and Kylo Ren, tons of galactically tricky puzzles, awesome activities and a selection of festive Force-filled postcards to help you spread some Star Wars joy this Christmas!

This issue features hilarious comics by two other comedians. In the first, Kylo Ren attempts to form a new flying squad, much to the Resistance’s amusement! The second comic offers the Clone Troopers’ take on the classic Trojan Horse tale!

This and many other details can be found in the official LEGO Star Wars Magazine – out now!

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Lego Star Wars Magazine #78 is out now

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