LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga DLC – 7 Possible Expansions

Disney and Marvel announced that a major event will be held on September 9th. More details about the event can be expected. Marvel’s Midnight Suns, Disney Dreamlight ValleySkydance Media’s creators have also revealed a new Marvel title (probably VR), The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners.

However, the title that I found most interesting was LEGO Star WarsThe Skywalker SagaThe only one released is this. It was exciting to learn that there might be more expansion content considering the fact that the game launched across all platforms on April 1.

The Skywalker SagaThis article covers the nine major films in the film. Star WarsFranchise clearly responsible for much of the content. This isn’t even counting the dozens of explorable planets and hundreds upon hundreds of collectible golden bricks to seek out. Still, while this may be the definitive adaptation of the nine major films…

Star WarsIt’s more than nine movies.

DLC character pack is the only way to first represent these two films. SoloUnd Rogue OneYou can also watch many television shows such as MandalorianUnd Bad Batch. Even beyond that, though, in currently-established canon, there’s still a galaxyThe Star WarsStories left unaccounted. Even if we Do only get character packs, there’s much left to add to this already-enormous game.

These options are ones that I think are most likely. There are also some other options I’d love to see.

Nearly certain Obi-Wan

Although it may not be a fan favorite, this highly anticipated Disney+ miniseries is the latest addition to the franchise. Ewan McGregor has been gone since the conclusion of the series. The fans have longed for him to return as the title role. Episode IIIEven though there were some surprises, it was an enjoyable show. It gave us an inkling of what Ben was up to that point. We may get another set of character packs. LEGO Star Wars, I would heavily expect to see this show receive one, as well as…

Nearly certain Boba Fett’s Book

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Another recent and controversial miniseries. Boba Fett’s Book Patton Oswalt almost predicted the death of a fan-favorite character. Parks and Recreation. Despite also having…issues, I would be really surprised if we didn’t get a set of playable characters from Boba FettMinimum.

Likely: The Clone Wars

Half a decade later LEGO Star WarsThe Original Trilogy, Traveller’s Tales released the third title in the series based on the in-progress Clone WarsTV show that features some unique side-stories.

But Clone WarsIt was shown many times and is very well-represented today. The Skywalker Saga – while Commander Cody is present and accounted for, Ahsoka Tano wouldn’t be in the game at all until the Mandalorian Season 2The character packs were released. There’s a LotIf you add a show, it will cover more. Bad BatchIt would however be great to see a story extension that covered the most important parts of this epic tale.

It’s possible: Rebels Additionally Ahsoka


RebelsThis book contains one of the most youthfully-oriented stories. Star Wars franchise. Taking place about five years before the original trilogy, it tells the story of the beginnings of the Rebel Alliance from the perspective of teenage con artist-turned-Jedi-trainee Ezra Bridger. Many of the characters from it were killed off in 2018 and will be reintroduced in this new movie. Ahsoka Disney+ show coming in 2023, so they’re potentially even more relevant now than ever. If Disney is looking ahead, we’ll probably see them represented in LEGO Star Wars.

What I Really Want, but It’s Unlikely: The High Republic

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For those who haven’t been paying attention to the literary side of the Star Wars universe, The High Republic is a multimedia project spearheaded by some of the Expanded Universe’s most talented writers. It was made around 200 years ago. The Phantom MenaceThe stories in this series are from the time when Jedi reached their peak power and were able to use them effectively. Also, the Republic was expanding into the Outer Rim.

At least one Disney+ series will be received (AcolyteThere are already books that appeal to all ages in the collection, but this would add another dimension. hugeTo see The High RepublicThis was the first step to bringing the series back into the limelight. This series’ big goal is to own its own. LEGO Star WarsHowever, Title is only one step in a.

Unlikely: Resistance

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A second show is targeted at younger viewers. Resistance,It was obvious that this was meant as a replacement for RebelsThe show’s final season ended in December 2001. Despite getting solid reviews – and getting Oscar Isaac to reprise the role of Poe Dameron on the small screen – ResistanceWhen the movie was originally set, it is called the sequel trilogy. Star WarsDisney is eager to make the next film, now that it’s finished. This one’s probably not getting an acknowledgment.

Strange Idea: The Expanded Universe

The Expanded Universe contains a wide variety of stories, ranging in quality and age, despite being completely reset in 2014 at George Lucas’ request. However, despite many of the books being clearly written as though they would someday be adapted to visual media and Disney’s push for these books to be taken more seriously as they are all equally as canonical as the movies…there’s simply too much out there.

Films and books may occasionally refer to one another, but films only ever give back films through Temmin. “Snap”Wexley AftermathTrilogy Episode IX. Spoiler alert! He died at the Battle of Exegol. It just seems unlikely that we’ll see more than, say, Thrawn represented in LEGO Star Wars.

Impossible: Legends

It’s okay, guys. You’ll always have these books to reread, but we have NeueMany books are mediocre right now. Disney, however seems happy to continue printing the Expanded Universe’s largest books. Check out LEGO Star WarsIII.

Check out our website if you haven’t seen it yet. LEGO Star WarsThe Skywalker Saga review. You can purchase the title on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 or Xbox One.

LEGO Star Wars The Skywalker Saga DLC – 7 Possible Expansions

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