Minecraft Player Builds Huge ‘Christ the Redeemer’Statues in Two Days


A fan shared photos of his creation, showing that there is no limit to the creativity of the Minecraft community.

Markus worked as a programmer for more than 10 year. “Notch”Persson liberated Minecraft Mojang’s blocky Mojang game was unleashed into the wild without any knowledge of the impact it would have on the video-gaming industry. Most believe the Mojang Blocky Mojang Game is only meant for people who are truly interested. This amazing phenomenon has captured millions’s imaginations. Amazing structures have been built by many people. As they reveal their incredible creations, this fan proudly stands beside them.

MolyMolly13 posted several Images to the Minecraft Subreddit. These are replicas of the Christ the Savior statue in Rio de Janeiro Brazil. These images show ground from as far as is possible. Some of the features are lost in the distance. It gives you an idea about the scale of the project. It is amazing that the construction was completed in two days.


Many have left comments in the thread expressing their amazement at the statue’s accuracy and detail. The process took only several days. MollyMolly13 doesn’t provide any details about how their statue was made. It’s difficult to see the material used in the images. Some parts appear transparent so they could have been made of Minecraft glass.

Reddit user arose and created a beautiful, well-constructed structure in spite of his limited skill. Minecraft is well known for its incredible building techniques. Many tutorials are available and you can use in-game resources to build beautiful structures. They are keen to display their work.

Minecraft’s huge popularity means that it can be replayed almost endlessly. It is because of the generosity and support from the community. MollyMolly13’s creation shows the incredible creativity that exists in the community. You have many options for expression. Perhaps the Christ-the Redeemer statue is something dear to them, or maybe they just thought it would make a great challenge and show how fast they can create.

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Minecraft Player Builds Huge ‘Christ the Redeemer’ Statues in Two Days

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