Since March 2022 onwards, Minecraft needs a Microsoft Account

To access Minecraft Java, users of Minecraft will have to set up a Microsoft Account before March 2022.

Microsoft has announced that Minecraft will be migrating to the new Microsoft Accounts in October 2020. This change was delayed despite the original intention to mandate Microsoft Accounts in 2021. Java is one of Minecraft’s main versions.

Gamers can choose to use either a Mojang Account, or a Microsoft Account in order to play Java Edition. Mojang was originally the Minecraft creator and continued his work after being acquired.

Minecraft won’t work if you don’t have a Microsoft Account. Microsoft ClaimMillions of Minecraft Java users have already transferred their accounts into a Microsoft Account. Microsoft says their account system offers more benefits than Mojang’s, with two-factor authentication. This move also benefits gamers.

Parents can also have greater control over their children’s playing activities if they manage their Microsoft Accounts.

Microsoft states that all data and content are transferred, but all features and content remain. After the account has been removed, gamers receive a cave at no cost. This process should only take 30 minutes. ” a couple of minutes”According to Microsoft, a lot of it comes down to whether or not a Microsoft Account has been created from scratch.

You will need to set up a Microsoft Account each time you create a multi-user Mojang account or legacy Minecraft accounts. Each account can be signed in.

Take a look at the official FAQVisit:

Closing words

Microsoft is first to see the benefit of this move. Microsoft can stop supporting Mojang accounts, and doesn’t have to maintain them once the migration is completed. Gamers who decide not to migrate to Microsoft Accounts for any reason won’t have access to the official Minecraft version. By March 10, 2022, a Microsoft Account will become mandatory.

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Minecraft requires a Microsoft Account from March 2022 onward

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Minecraft will require a Microsoft Account starting March 2022


To access Minecraft Java, users of Minecraft will have to set up a Microsoft Account before March 2022.


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Ghacks Technology News


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From March 2022, Minecraft will require a Microsoft Account

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