Mod Turns Minecraft Into A Lego Game

Minecraft was an existing Lego game. Minecraft is now legit thanks to this mod.


If you’ve always thought that Minecraft basically resembled Legos to begin with like many have, that is now exactly what it’s been turned into. Minecraft can now be transformed into a Lego-like environment using a mod. MineBricks is this mod’s name.

Moonglow Bay was launched on October 7th, 2018.

Macio6 Productions has published the initial MineBricks mod to convert bricks into Legos. There have since been many updates to the original MineBricks mod. Reddit says that the new version includes posters similar to stickers.

Version 5 does not just include posters, but includes the following:

Redesigned Main Menu and other UI Elements

smaller file size

Sound effects for explosion and walking sound effects.

Reflection maps with improved quality

Get the latest grass

Lava animated

26 textures which look like paintings or stickers



Creator of the texture packs has all the details, including the version and download instructions. The entire article can be read and explored.

An additional Minecraft news story is the creation of Whiterun by a Skyrim fan. The fan recreated everything in Minecraft. This is quite amazing. They’ve even included the cloud district, so you’re going to want to check out this creation for yourself.

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Mod Turns Minecraft Into A Lego Game

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