LEGO City: More than 2022 sets

More information about the things we can expect was provided by us LEGO Harry PotterThe next year. What other LEGO sets should we be expecting according to the LEGO Early-2022 German Catalog? The catalog has been scanned by many of our LEGO news sources. Here’s a contribution from Brickset, and it’s for the LEGO City line. These expected sets for next year don’t dwell much on cityscapes however. Instead they continue a sub-series for space exploration we’ve seen in other revealed City sets. These sets confirm that there are some City Space rumors that we covered last month, but they don’t confirm all.

These LEGO City sets feel like foreshadowing for NASA’s Artemis program towards a renewed manned lunar mission. It is well-known that LEGO and NASA have a close relationship when it comes cross promotion. LEGO Education STEAM is a series of explorations that was designed by the former. “Build to Launch.” Our new reveals from the catalog don’t confirm the alleged inclusion of “Build to Launch” minifig characters. In 2022, we can still anticipate these products.

Moon Rover (60348)

275 pieces | 3 minifigures | $33.81

Lunar Space Station (60349)

500 pieces | 5 minifigures | $$67.63

These LEGO sets have Euro prices. Prices are shown in dollars.

LEGO City: More than 2022 sets

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