LEGO Sets 2021: Star Wars, Nintendo, Minecraft and More

We’re now officially into 2021, and LEGO is officially launching a new collection of creations to kick off the year. You have many options, with hundreds of designs that include everything Star Wars, Disney Technic Creator, BrickHeadz, and Technic. The following link will take you to a list of all LEGO sets currently available for purchase in 2021.


LEGO’s 2021 lineup assembles a massive selection of new models, with hundreds of sets to choose from. Today’s hot LEGO releases include new LEGO build by The Mandalorian, and innovative ways to decorate your home with brick-built mosaics.

You can check out the entire collection right here, or continue reading as we break down the best of what’s now available from LEGO.

The 2021 LEGO set lineup is complete

Star Wars

Star Wars is launching the Star Wars New Models in 2021. Four new Star Wars models will be delivered from faraway galaxies.

Highlighting the new buildings is the latest version Luke Skywalker’s X-Wing FighterAt? $49.99. This updated version of the model includes 474 pieces, four minifigures and an additional model. You’ll also find several other new kits below:

Trouble at Tatooine432 pieces Millennium Falcon Microfighter $29.99 276 pieces Imperial TIE Fighter:| 276 pieces Imperial TIE Fighter: $39.99| 432 pieces Millennium Falcon Microfighter: $9.99 | 101 pieces


LEGO’s Creator theme is also receiving a batch of new builds today, headlined by the introduction of its botanical collection. The new collections include two brick-built kits. These kits include a Bonsai Tree and a Flower Bouquet. They are made for older builders, and once assembled can be used to decorate your home. $49.99 Each.

There are also plenty of other new models joining the LEGO Creator theme, which you’ll find below:


With a variety of LEGO sets and new Technic themes, the Technic theme will be very popular in 2021. Ferrari 488 GTE, AF Corse 51It is unique because it contains 1,677 pieces. The model is more than 19 inches in length and available in a sleek red colorway. It’s now available for $169.99 and is joined by several other new Technic models:


LEGO plans to make 2021 the year of updating its City theme through a series of new builds. This will be led by Town Center. It is a 790-piece piece that creates the heart of your brick-built community. The minifigures come in eight pieces. It is a hefty 2.2 lbs. $99.99 A few other builds can also be included in the mix. You’ll find them below.


LEGO’s lineup of collectible brick-built characters, BrickHeadz, is starting off the year on a strong note with thew introduction of a few new figures. Alongside the debut of a new Chinese New Year set, there’s also a pair of new LEGO Pets BrickHeadz sets that are debuting for the first time in 2021.

Chinese New Year Pandas: $34.55| 249 pieces German Shepherd: $14.99| 247 piecesShorthair Cats: $14.99 | 250 pieces


LEGO also plans to use 2021 for its Art theme expansion by creating two new mosaics made of bricks. They are both inspired by licensed characters and let you bring Mickey Mouse, Harry Potter and other Hogwarts decorations into your house.

For a better idea of what to expect from LEGO’s approach to art, be sure to dive into our review of the Iron Man version from last year. You can check out these two additions.

Disney’s Mickey Mouse: $119.99| 2,658 pieces Harry Potter Hogwarts Crests: $119.99 | 4,249 pieces


After officially joining LEGO in 2020, Nintendo is back with the new Super Mario Kits. Mario can now access seven new LEGO courses as an addition to his original starter set. You can find all seven courses below.

Register Adventure Maker SetYou can master your adventures! $59.99 366 pieces Wiggler’s Poison Swamp| 366 pieces Wiggler’s Poison Swamp:$39.99 374 pieces Piranha Plant Puzzling Challenge:| 374 pieces Piranha Plant Puzzling Challenge: $29.99 | 267 pieces Chain Chomp Jungle Encounter: $19.99 | 160 pieces Character Packs – Series 2:$4.99 | 24 pieces and even more…


There will be a number of new licensed themes, but the Marvel Creations are the most popular. Attack on The set of Spider LairThe highlight of this new collection is its hat. $69.99. The unique creation measures 466 parts and includes Spider-Man, Venom, Green Goblin, and Venom. The suit also includes three other suits. You can also find several other Marvel designs.

Spider-Man’s Monster Truck vs. Mysterio: $39.99 439 pieces Spider-Man and Ghost Rider take on Carnage😐439 Pieces Spider-Man and Ghost Rider Vs. Carnage $19.99 212 pieces Miles Morales Mech Armor:Captain America Mech Armor.| 212 pieces Miles Morales Mech Armor: $9.99| 125 pieces Captain America Mech Armor: $9.99• 121 pieces Thor Mech Armor| 121 pieces Thor Mech Armor: $9.99 | 139 pieces and even more…


LEGO Minecraft launched a handful of new creations in 2017 and now has two sets to expand its themes for 2021. With 490 pieces, the Pig House is larger. At the, you can build a huge brick-built Pig. Pig House. $49.99 Point of sale

Then there’s also a notably smaller addition to the theme with its Coral Reef set. This 92-piece creation includes a pair of minifigures and a small underwater build with a puffer fish and more at$9.99.


LEGO celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2021. Ninjago will also be a prominent LEGO theme. This legacy continues with the new Ninjago sets.

The latest LEGO Ninjago set wave for 2021 will be the headliner Zane’s Titan Mech BattleAt$59.99. This 840-piece kit stands over 10 inches tall and has a pretty eye-catching design that stands out from other brick-built mechs we’ve seen in the past.

LEGO will offer several promotional offers throughout 2021 and a brand new collection. Vintage carsThese items, which were first seen in December 2013, will now be free to purchase. $85.

You will receive a brick free of charge if you purchase Harry Potter Kits The Monster Book of Monsters. $75. That’s alongside your choice of a Police water scooter and fire helicopterFor all orders more than $40.

There are more to come

LEGO will launch multiple waves to make it easier for 2021. In March, another batch will be available. Builders will have additional Star Wars models available to assemble.

It also looks like we’ll be getting a new addition to the Ninjago City collection for its 10-year anniversary around January 14, so be on the lookout for that announcement in the next week or so.

What new LEGO sets 2021 will you be buying to kick off the year? Please comment.


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LEGO Sets 2021: Star Wars, Nintendo, Minecraft and More

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