‘Ninjago’ The USA has Updated the Season 15 Seabound Sets


It NinjagoThe Season 15 sets start at the Seabound. Finally, chapters are now available in North America after two months of being released from abroad.

These watery sets were inspired from the Seabound Season in which the ninja must dive deep to the ocean’s depth in order to solve a mystery interfering with Nya’s elemental powers.

Many price ranges are available for LEGO Ninjago sets. Legacy sets can also be purchased at different prices. This particular wave includes a new variation on the Destiny’s Bounty that turns the ninja’s trusty ship into a submarine. It’s by far the most radical departure from the Bounty’s usual form to date.

These are links to Entertainment Earth where you can purchase any and all of the Ninjagos Season 15LEGO Sets. We’ll add Amazon.com links as soon as they are available.

Kai’s Blade Cycle – $9.99 (Entertainment Earth) (Amazon)

Lloyd’s Hydro Mech – $19.99 (Entertainment Earth) (Amazon)

Ninja Sub Speeder – $39.99 (Entertainment Earth) (Amazon)

Final Flight of the Destiny’s Bounty – $39.99 (Entertainment Earth) (Amazon)

Fire Dragon Attack – $49.99 (Entertainment Earth) (Amazon)

Water Dragon – $69.99 (Entertainment Earth) (Amazon)

Ultra Sonic Raider – $79.99 (Entertainment Earth) (Amazon)

Temple of The Endless Sea – $99.99 (Entertainment Earth) (Amazon)

Hydro Bounty – $129.99 (Entertainment Earth) (Amazon)

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‘Ninjago’ The USA has Updated the Season 15 Seabound Sets

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