Oscar Isaac Seeks to Save Adventure Bay from Paw Patrol


Oscar Isaac Hosted Saturday Night Live this week, and nothing was off-limits, including the kid’s show Paw Patrol. Isaac is a father of small children and played Herb Tangier, a city councilman who was fed up with the Paw Patrol. Why? Because they’re dogs, and none of the dogs are helping the citizens of Adventure Bay at all.

The sketch clearly came from Paw Patrol viewers. I know this because it is a show that my children have seen. As such, I cannot imagine the emotions that parents felt while watching this.

Ryder, a ten year-old dog who represents all emergency departments in Adventure Bay runs the entire town. What’s the problem? It seems that there is only one dog for each job. If you have two fires going at the same time, it’s too much trouble for one! Herb Tangier’s video against Adventure Bay mayor (played here by) features all of the concerned citizens. Ego Nwodim() Ask any questions you would expect an Adventure Bay adult to ask. What happens if you are attacked by a bath salts man and your police dog has no net?


The entire sketch reads very much as though, in the writers’ room, one parent complained about having to watch Paw Patrol, and it spiraled into everyone talking about the city of Adventure Bay and these dogs and just kept going from there. This seems like a time-honored tradition passed down by each generation — I’m sure parents also wanted to know how a dog was solving puzzles in Blue’s Clues.

What’s so funny about this sketch is that Herb isn’t trying to do anything bad. He’s simply pointing out the logistical issues of having a ten-year-old be in charge of emergency services. As when the water dog tried to help his sister who was pregnant.Cecily StrongHer) gives birth “water” broke. A request from this poor village is for additional dogs to patrol the streets and an officer who knows what crimes they are. Perhaps they want cats to take over? Adventure Bay is in dire need of Paw Patrol help for Herb Tangier.


“It’s important to encourage kids to be weirdos. Because every once in a while, one of those weirdos grows up to host SNL.”


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Oscar Isaac Seeks to Save Adventure Bay from Paw Patrol

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