Paramount+ is now available on YouTube ‘Cat Pack,’A new animated version of ‘PAW Patrol’.

Animation series PAW PatrolThis film is a great success on multiple platforms. PAW Patrol videogames are available as an official film. PAW Patrol-branded merchandise. A brand new animated feature length PAW Patrol’s Exclusive Cat Pack Event Paramount+ will premiere this video. 

It is the sequel to the well-known franchise. PAW PatrolThis film was produced by Spin Master. The film follows Ryder along with his rescue dogs and dog buddies as they embark on thrilling adventures. Chase, Marshall Rubble (also Rocky), Zuma Rocky and Rocky (also Skye) will be back to help. This time, they will have much more assistance.

This special feature length was created to introduce another pet group to the franchise. This feature-length was created to introduce another super pet group into the franchise. Cat PackThey’re as creative and resourceful as they are. PAW PatrolIt comes down to saving the community. 

Official synopsis Cat Pack reads: Four courageous kittens dream of being as strong and powerful as lions and tigers. The Cat Pack comes equipped with transforming vehicles, Big Cat power suits and is eager to team up with the pups. As previously seen in PAW Patrol’s Moto Pups, fans are now formally introduced to meet Wild’s pack!

  • Wild is bold, determined and hungry to speed. Wild’s power is super speed and the cheetah is his big cat inspiration.
  • Shade is tech-savvy but shy. She loves laser pointers and yarn balls. Shade’s powers are stealth and climbing and the jaguar is her big cat inspiration.
  • Rory is outgoing, energetic, and she enjoys cat naps. Rory’s powers are pouncing and leaping and the white tiger is her big cat inspiration.
  • Leo is courageous and strong-willed, but afraid of the mice. Leo’s power is super strength and the lion is his big cat inspiration.

This 2013 event was inspired by a team of emergency service dogs driving in their dogmobiles around saving lives. PAW Patrol series. PAW Patrol is the most-watched show in kids’ television worldwide, and it is created by Keith Chapman, who is a veteran in the industry having worked on Bob the Builder FifiThe Flowertots.

Fans PAW PatrolNow you can watch PAW Patrol: The Movie, PAW Patrol at Home Race to the Rescue featured. PAW PatrolParamount+ offers (the entire series)

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Paramount+Now streaming ‘Cat Pack,’A new animated version of ‘PAW Patrol’.

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