Paw Patrol Grand Prix, News, Screenshots and Trailers

The Game

You can’t have too many racers on a track that is too big!

Race around Adventure Bay with all your favorite PAW Patrol pups and up to 4 players at once – but look out for the obstacles left by mischievous Mayor Humdinger!


The PAW Patrol are on their fastest mission yet – To win the Pup Cup! Drive around iconic locations including Adventure Bay, Jake’s Snowboarding Resort and The Jungle to find out who will be crowned the winner.


This multiplayer tournament allows you to play alongside your friends and choose from any of your favourite pups, such as Skye, Chase, Marshall or Skye. Mayor Humdinger may be around and make your race a disaster.


You can give your dog special power-ups such as snowballs or water balloons. Plus, unlock special character skills such as Chase’s siren to slow down the racers around you.


The kart-racer’s easy control mode is ideal for children. It also features auto acceleration that will guide them around the track. You can also choose to race in a harder mode if you are a track legend.

You’re invited to join us for a fun race around 11 tracks with your best dog pals!

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Paw Patrol Grand Prix, News, Screenshots and Trailers

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