Paw Patrol Live: Race To The Rescue In Wembley Arena Review. Enjoy a delightful treat, featuring the chickens


The Foo Fighters lit up Wembley Stadium while I was waiting for another treat. My 22-month old infant was in my arms as I made my way towards London SSE Arena, Wembley. Paw Patrol Live! Race To The Rescue.

This was the final stop in a tour across 17 cities. There were three show times available, so it was easy to fit in between nap time – winning). This was a great franchise. It also provided the first experience of a live show for my son, who suffered from the Covid-19 pandemic.

This was the first time I had seen a live show. Ryder (the Paw Patrol leader) was all eyes as he introduced the pups.

As Chase, Rocky, Zuma, Marshall, Rubble and Skye (later joined by Everest) sprung across the stage, you had to marvel at the costumes worn by the puppeteers – they move their pup’s eyes, mouth, ears and even tails so convincingly you soon forgot they were there.

Paw Patrol Live! Race To The Rescue

/ Paw Patrol Live

Ryder, the puppies and their pups ran in lights-equipped vehicles. It was truly amazing.

This is the Nickelodeon Cartoon’s basic plot.

Mayor Goodway is the inept, pompous official responsible for Adventure Bay where Paw Patrol lives. He will compete against Mayor Humdinger who hails from Foggy Bottom.

But there’s one hitch – Goodway has hurt her foot, so calls on the Paw Patrol to take her place.

While some might argue that replacing one human with a group of highly skilled dogs does not constitute a fair race, the kids were lapping it up so let’s just go with it.

Paw Patrol Live was a great experience. Ryder and his dogs raced in their cars.

/ Paw Patrol Live

It is possible for the audience to encourage and support Humdinger in solving clues and encouraging them to do so. Humdinger is also available for booing.

Goodway continues to support the leaderboard by providing moral support. Her cheerleading chickens are also there. It’s a fantastic and theatrical first.

My toddler loved to exercise and wanted to stretch. After 15 minutes, the timer went off. Nappy-changing facilities were difficult to find. I tried unsuccessfully to find them so I created one using my denim jacket I found on the floor. Perhaps the tour producers will ensure that adequate signage is provided.

Around 10-15 minutes before the end of the show, my child was getting tired. Not bad though, given the 75-minute runtime and thankfully a dance opportunity was coming up which we fully embraced as *spoiler alert* the Paw Patrol were about to win the race.

Adventure Bay won the award. The arena was filled with bright streamers that erupted into the air, causing cheers from both the children and parents.

Even cheerleading chickens were found!

/ Paw Patrol Live

The only challenge remaining was to escape without running into another merchandise stand, or risk the demand for an official spinning light-up toy, £28, or a picture with the Paw Patrol super imposed in the background – that will set you back £15.

Parents may find it difficult to get their kids to participate in the sharing of ideas, but everyone receives a complimentary cardboard pompom or maze when they enter the arena. When we got back to the station, I saw the Foo Fighters playing live. My son laughed and stated that it was worthwhile.

Paw Patrol Live: Race To The Rescue In Wembley Arena Review. Enjoy a delightful treat, featuring the chickens

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