Review: This is a funny and amusing mocking of the Supreme Court. “LEGO Star Wars Summer Vacation”

A short film LEGO Star WarsSummer VacationDisney + is entertaining and curious. The unusual mix of products relies on the major mythologies they are trying to parody is what makes Disney + so unique. In the most exceptional cases, they may even reinvent. All of this is possible with a short film. Don’t be afraid to laugh at the great ideas from one of the most beloved sagas of cinema.

StarwarsThere is no one left behind. This is the Disney+ short movie. So much so that the cornerstone of his narrative is to move pieces — and it’s not just an analogy — in the untouchable canon imagined by George Lucas. But it’s a narrative joke. LEGO Star WarsSummer Vacation can be enjoyed in completely new locations.

It’s a full-fledged and meticulously constructed tribute to theSpace Opera. Other extremes include preserving the LEGO adaptions’ essence, which are now a medium for funny comedy.

LEGO Star Wars Summer Vacation

LEGO Star Wars Summer Vacation is a clever way to play with the idea of ​​a short film as more than just a narrative curiosity. While it might seem like an interesting collection of stories at first glance, the second film is much more than just a plot experiment. The second is a celebration of George Lucas’ vast universe. And as if that wasn’t enough, another one of LEGO’s bold parodies. The hilarious script made it all happen at once. Nothing is so innocent in this seemingly naïve parody of grand narratives from a galaxy far, far away.

Score: 4/5

LEGO’s mocking sense to humor

LEGO reinventions is a play on symbols. These productions make use of the fact that their space doesn’t allow for larger franchises or sagas. These productions can exaggerate and use demeaning reference, creating larger homages. It was the same in the case with LEGO Star WarsSummer Vacation. The Disney + short is a rare mixture of Disney’s obvious affection for the intergalactic story and its parody potential.

This short video serves to remind you how efficient the LEGO formula can be. 2020 LEGO Star Wars Holiday SpecialThis game demonstrated just how absurdly irreverent little characters can be. It featured characters drawn from The “new trilogy”It was an amusing game. The short film is a great example of future experimentation.It is without a doubt: LEGO Star WarsSummer VacationIt’s true. With its light-hearted air, it’s an interesting addition to collectors of rarities related to the history of a galaxy far, far away.

You could once upon a time take a Star Wars vacation.

Short stories are an independent story that can allow for many freedoms. It is possible to change, transpose and rearrange some of the most popular narrative threads, both on the large and small screens. This story is small and takes place at some time after the original. Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker. The difficulties faced by the production were well known to Ken Cunningham and David Shine, the screenwriter.

Its discord among fans, and the doubts raised by critics. This is the beginning of our story. “there were some recent inconveniences”With “events known to all.”It may be necessary for vacation-lovers. Finn, still trying to convince Rey that he’s Force-sensitive, suggests one last group trip.

This is an interesting way to approach the question “What’s your common problem?” “what happened next”There are many epic stories. LEGO answers this question by creating a home adventure with Poe, Rose, Chewbacca, R2-D2, C-3PO and BB-8. Because the question is so funny: Can heroes lead a normal life?

LEGO Star Wars Summer Vacatio – serious topics and innocent jokes

LEGO creations can be as dangerous as they appear. LEGO productions are not as innocent as they seem. LEGO Star WarsSummer Vacation makes a funny irony of a well-known plot. The question is easy to answer. “What do you do after an unforgettable and major event?”Is there a next step after saving the world from its destruction? It seems that nobody knows. But Finn, who has matters as earthly as analyzing what will happen to his life now that he doesn’t belong to the rebellion, questions him. He does, as he exchanges jokes — some very sharp — about Star Wars as a legacy. Some ill-intentioned advice was given and Force ghosts visited.

This is a short warning film.Examine unrealistic desires and hopes. Whose? The cleverness of the film is so great that it doesn’t give answers, but allows viewers to decide. Is it making fun the Star Wars franchise’s excessive pressures? Do you find it funny how serious Star Wars takes their stories?

This short film doesn’t provide answers. He prefers simplicity and elegance. Humor is a great way to tackle trivial problems. Are there any heroes taking a vacation? A special cruise? It’s a special cruise? Star Wars is now an iconic legacy all Star Wars fan consider theirs.

LEGO Star Wars Summer vacation: Where naivety is possible to deceive

It’s all about vacations. It stays true to this theme, regardless of deeper meanings. Finn sees there’s more to spectral guidance than just target searches. You need to view life as a quick transit to better places. “We can always smile, no matter what, even if something doesn’t make a lot of money,” says LEGO’s Finn, cheekily.

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It seems that the message is directed to more than one thing, but this short film captures it in its basic premise as being just fun. You can. Star Wars and LEGO fans will be the ones to decide.

Review: This is a funny and amusing mocking of the Supreme Court. “LEGO Star Wars Summer Vacation”

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