Skyrim Player uses Mods to Transform the Game into Star Wars

Star Wars and The Elder Scrolls both have enjoyed tremendous success throughout the years. They have very distinct worlds. Star Wars takes place in a sci-fi world, while The Elder Scrolls takes place in a medieval setting. While most people might not think that combining the 2 popular franchises together would work, that didn’t stop one fan from creating their own Star Wars experience inside the vast open-world of Skyrim.

Star Wars Worlds is a creation of gg77. SkyrimMod is able to seamlessly blend both franchises. The look of the game is reminiscent of the Star Wars universe, but abilities such as the use of magic and the inventory system remind players that they’re still playing Skyrim. There are many Star Wars characters in the mod, such as Battle Droids and Astromechs. Jedi Knights can also be controlled by them. Tusken Raiders can be controlled by the player, as well as Darth Maul’s Sith Lords Darth Vader and Darth Maul.


There are many Star Wars locations in the mod, such as the bustling Mos Eisley spaceport, deserted Tatooine desert, and deadly Wampa-filled Hoth ice caves. You can buy a blaster gun to use instead of a sword. It is worth noting that despite including the spaceport from Mos Eisley, the mod doesn’t include the location’s iconic Cantina. That being said, it seems that the creator is continuing to update the mod, so there’s a chance that more content could be added in the future.

Star Wars Mod is one example of the many. Over the years, players have experimented with many mods to alter the game’s appearance and feel. Star Wars Worlds for Skyrim allows players to explore iconic sites in another galaxy. Skyrim has many other popular total conversion mods. Middle-Earth Redone is a mod that converts Skyrim to J.R.R. Tolkien’s famous books such as the peaceful Shire and the Mines of Moria.

In addition, this isn’t the only new Star Wars content fans are looking forward to checking out. The LEGO Star Wars: The SkyWalker Saga revealed a new look to its gamers. A Gamescom trailer showed some amazing footage from the new game. The game features loads of content including all nine episodes. The trailer showed that the game would be out in Spring 2019.

It’s fun to see fans continue to reinvent games such as Skyrim years after release as these mods help keep older games interesting. Gamers can now download gg77’s mod from the Nexus to explore the combined worlds of Star Wars and Skyrim.

Skyrim, The Elder Scrolls 5, SkyrimYou can now get it on Nintendo Switch, PC and PlayStation 3 as well the PlayStation 4 and Xbox 360. The Xbox Series X version for PS5 is also available.


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Skyrim Player uses Mods to Transform the Game into Star Wars

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