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Amazon Prime Day Sales offers massive discounts on literally thousands of products. There are enough bargains to satisfy any bargain hunter.

This sales event ends at midnight Wednesday, July 13th. The sale includes everything Oodies, Dyson vacuums and air fryers. Multi-packs Coca-ColaSo how can you make sure you’re not missing out?

We’ve compiled a list of the most sought-after items Aussies have been buying since Tuesday’s sale began so you don’t miss it.

Amazon Prime Day 2022 presents a wonderful day for Aussie buyers.

Robot vacuums

It is a shame to be an employee cleaning when you can have it done by technology.

It Ecovacs offers a wide range of robotic vacuum cleaners The sale was again a big hit this year as shoppers took advantage of savings up to hundreds of dollars on many models.

You can get the best price on your N8 2-in-1 vacuum and mopThe price of which has fallen by over half


It starts at 1,000 and is available for $449. You can control it via an app. The device can differentiate between hardwood and carpet. It also reduces noise to an acceptable 67 decibels.

You can purchase it with the option of adding it to an existing collection. Station for auto-emptyingIt is easy to forget.

The robot can vacuum, mop and clean your house. Amazon Photo


Unsurprisingly, many Aussies are racing to the checkout with a dehumidifier after La Niña played havoc with the mould and moisture levels in our homes.

For optimal comfort and to prevent mould growth, it’s recommended that indoor humidity levels be between 30-60%.

It Ausclimate Premium Dehumidifier The price was reduced by $100, from $529 to $529

The CHOICE product recommended can be easily moved about the home and can hold up to 10 litres daily of air. You can also dry your clothes in the laundry mode.

It is also a smaller option Hysure 600ml DehumidifierIt is an excellent option for smaller rooms, and it is available at $85.99

Amazon gives you a discount of 16% on the dehumidifier

Apple Watches

Prime Day Sales are big for high-ticket tech like tablets, smart lighting, and earbuds.

Apple Watches have become a very popular item, and the company has lowered the prices. Series 3Series 7 Smart watches

You can use the devices to keep track of your exercise and heart rate.

It Series 3This item on sale at $239 has had its price reduced 20%Series 7 Property now available for sale at $499, down $100

Amazon Offers 20% Discount on Apple Watch Series 3

Echo smart speakers

The second item tech buyers love about the Amazon Echo smart speaker line is their drastically decreased prices.

It Echo Show 8The device comes with a camera and a screen that allow you to video-call. Echo Dot speaker 4th GenerationEach was discounted 50%, bringing the cost down to $99 and $39 respectively.

Great savings can be found at the Echo Dot 3rd-generation speakerIt costs only $19.

Amazon Echo Dot smart speaker is only $19. Amazon. Photo:

Air fryers

The air fryer revolutionizes home cooking. Air fryers make it quick and simple to prepare crunchy chips or tender karaage using less fat than traditional deep-frying.

They’re a popular item this Prime Day. Philips has reduced the cost AirFryer Essential is now available in halves, at $99.95.

You can use the 4.1L machine for any purpose. It heats up at 200 degrees Celsius. “rapid air technology”Cook evenly

Here are some suggestions for bigger options. Instant Pot Vortex Plus Air Fryer OvenYou can fit a roast leg, or lamb in the 10L capacity.

It’s time toInstead of $349, you can get $179.99The oven has seven different cooking options, 2 shelves, Rotisserie knives and a basket to hold chips.

The Instant Pot oven air fryer can be used to feed all members of the family. It’s on sale for Prime Day Photo courtesy of Amazon Australia


This is a popular choice for both young and old. LEGODuring this year’s Prime Day sales, many shoppers snapped it up

There are many sets that you can buy for just 30%. Disney Beauty and the Beast castleYou can purchase the currently for $79.80 and $119.99 here FC Barcelona Football Stadium Model This is 327.68 more than the $499.99

With plenty of DUPLO on sale for toddlers like this, they don’t need to miss out. Train bridge, tracks and track setIt has fallen by $13.

Amazon Prime Day Sales: LEGO Loads On Sale

Massage oils

Massage guns are becoming a more popular item in Australia, whether it’s to aid your gym gains or to ease aches & pains.

It RENPHO Muscle Massage GunAmazon’s bestseller, this one is top-selling with an average rating from over 16,000 customers of 4.5 stars. Prime Day saw a 41% reduction in its price.

The five-speed, five speed massager is only $111 and comes with five attachment heads along with a USB charger.

Sore muscles can be eased by a massage gun Photo: Amazon

Amazon Prime Day Sale: How do you shop?

These sales prices can only be accessed by Amazon Prime Members. If you don’t already have an Amazon Prime Member, you can sign-up immediately and cancel anytime.

Member Costs $6.99 per monthIf you’re a first-time user, you’ll get a 30-day free trial that includes the sale period.

Prime Day has hundreds of thousands in discounts. Prime members however have more access. Amazon Prime VideoPrime Music and Prime Reading are available with free shipping on all orders

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Grab the top-selling Aussies

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